How do you determine if you are in a sub-health state?

How do you determine whether you are in Sub-health state? The so-called Sub-health State, refers to the absence of organic lesions of some functional changes, also known as the third State or “gray State”, because of its various symptoms, and not fixed, also known as “indefinite statement syndrome.” It is the human body in the transition between health and disease, there is no physical, psychological disease, but the subjective stop there are many symptoms of discomfort and psychological experience. So how do you determine whether you are in Sub-health state? For everyone’s questions, small series for everyone simply introduced how to judge whether in Sub-health state.


How to determine whether you are in Sub-health state


The emergence of sub-health state is often accompanied by some special signals, common in the following 10 areas:


(1) “The General belly” is early. 30,150-Year-old people, a lot of belly, but this is often high blood lipids, fatty liver, hypertension, coronary heart disease external manifestations.


(2) Frequent toilet. If your age is between 30,140 years old, the excretion of more than normal people, indicating that the digestive system and urinary systems began to decline.


(3) Decreased sexual function. How to determine whether in the sub-health state of the middle-aged premature waist acid leg pain, loss of libido or male yang, women premature amenorrhea, are the first signs of sub-health state.


(4) Do things often regret, irritability, irritability, pessimistic, difficult to control their emotions.


(5) Attention is not concentrated, focus on the ability to more and more bad, want to do things, unexplained wandering, mind thinking East. The spirit is difficult to concentrate.


(6) Often in a state of nervousness, fearing and avoiding a person, vegetable patch, something or something. Afraid of associating with people, disgusted with many people, in front of others without self-confidence, feel nervous or uncomfortable. No longer as hot as before to grief at a friend’s party, a strong fight spirit;



(7) Think others are not good, others do not understand you, are laughing at you or against you. After the incident can be noticed, it seems that I have too much, drilled niu Jiao jian.


(8) Night often sleep, even if asleep, and test is in the state of dreaming, sleep quality root poor. Sleeping time is getting shorter and waking up without recover from fatigue.


(9) The mood is low, the mood is heavy, the whole day is not joyful, the work, the study, the entertainment, the life all cannot raise the spirit and the interest.


(10) to be disturbed by the regularity of one’s own life, and always want to restore the status quo. For the things that have been done, have wanted to understand the problem, and repeatedly think and check, and their own for this repeatedly and distressed.


If you have any of these sub-health states, you should be careful. Although Sub-health State no cancer is terrible, but also to arouse our attention, long-term in sub-health state of the population easily think of some diseases, such as psychological disorders, gastrointestinal diseases, high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, cancer and so on. So now try to change your lifestyle, habits, and eating habits.

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