The Family medicine chest Standing 7 kinds of medicine, you choose the right?

The tide and mildew of the weather frequently hit, clean up some of the home sanitary corner and hoarding of things, can let a person refreshing a little, family medicine box how can not conveniently tidy up? Which medicine is suitable for the family medicine cabinet? What are the details of family preparation? Southern Medical University, Pearl River Hospital Pharmacy outpatient Pharmacist Yu Shanshan and Liu Jing for you to open an ultra practical family preparation list, hurriedly click a single lake, update your medicine cabinet bar.


What medications should be used in family medicine kits to cover daily emergency needs? Pharmacists introduced, according to the composition of family members, should be mainly covered with medicine, topical medicine, special groups and auxiliary supplies four categories.

Commonly used in medicine have cold medicine, antipyretic analgesic drugs, cough and phlegm, diarrhea drugs, laxative drugs, anti-allergic drugs, digestive medicine seven major categories, generally do not recommend the stockpiling of antimicrobial drugs. Topical medicine is mainly topical disinfection drugs, such as 75% ethanol (alcohol), iodine volts, and other foreign drugs such as Yunnan white Powder, fengyoujing, and so on, a Band-Aid, sterilization medical cotton swabs, gauze, bandages and other sanitary materials are also available. If you have special patients at home, you should also prepare common emergency medications as recommended by the specialist physician. such as nitroglycerin and aspirin used in cardiovascular disease, salbutamol sulfate aerosol, etc.

Family medicine cabinet also need some storage auxiliary supplies, such as small medicine chest, convenient small drug box, timed medicine box, drug cutter, grinder and so on.

Cold medicine:

Can be prepared phenol Mami piece, vitamin C silver upturned piece. Cold is a self-limiting disease, generally do not use medication, rest, drink more hot water can also self-healing, but medication can alleviate symptoms, so the oral cold medicine is usually the family medicine box common members. Need to pay attention to is that many cold drugs contain the same ingredients, must carefully optimistic about the instructions, to avoid duplication of medication, strictly according to recommended dosage and usage. The best way to distinguish between a cold wind and a cold or influenza is to use proprietary Chinese medicines.

Antipyretic Analgesics:

It is common to have ibuprofen suspension and paracetamol Giffen tablets. These drugs are mainly used to alleviate fever, headache, joint pain and other symptoms after a cold. Have stomach disease, digestive ulcer history of people to use caution, pain symptoms significantly aggravated or new pain symptoms, and continuous medication three days can not alleviate, to consult a doctor or pharmacist. Both of these drugs have a child dosage form to choose from.

Cough Phlegm Medicine:

Can be prepared dextromethorphan tablets of hydrogen bromate, Shedan chuanbei loquat Paste, phlegm-removing drugs can choose Ambroxol hydrochloride tablets, acetyl cysteine granules.For dry cough, usually use central cough medicine, currently, the only over-the-counter central cough drug is the right to Dextromethorphan Hydrobromide, the market has syrup agents and tablets.

Diarrhea Medicine:

Can be prepared oral rehydration salt powder, montmorillonite dispersed. The former can prevent and correct dehydration caused by diarrhea, the latter is a highly effective digestive mucosal protective agent, with improved intestinal absorption and secretion function, can effectively prevent the attack of pathogenic microorganisms. However, diarrhea is best in the early onset to the hospital screening etiology, so as to be targeted.

Laxative medicine:

Optional milk fructose. It is not absorbed by the body, through stimulating colonic peristalsis, alleviating constipation, especially suitable for the elderly, pregnant women, children and postoperative constipation. Should be noted that constipation should not rely solely on drug treatment, but also from changing lifestyles to improve eating habits.

Anti-Allergy Medicine:

such as the chlorine ray he set, belong to antihistamines anti-allergic drugs, suitable for skin allergy, food and drug allergy. He has a dose of syrup and drops used by children besides tablets.

Aid Digestion Medicine:

such as multiple enzymes, stomach digestion tablets and so on.

Four principles of family preparation

Southern Medical University, Pearl River Hospital Pharmaceutical Clinic Director of pharmacists Liu Jing reminded that family preparation generally follow the four principles.

First, according to the composition of family members and health status of drug preparation, attention to the elderly, children and pregnant women drug use;

Second, the choice of over-the-counter drugs with less adverse reactions (OTC drugs);

Third, the choice of stable efficacy, simple use of drugs, such as oral medicine, topical medicine.

Four, choose common diseases, frequently-used drugs. Family preparation is generally used only as an emergency or convenience, without exhaustive.

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