Stay away from these five foods after drinking.

South Korea’s today’s Asia , April 24 reported that drinking time is cool, wait until the big break, headache vomiting, and hadn’t. Korean people like to drink some hot seafood soup to hangover. If the drunken is wrong, it will be a big deal. Today we will talk about which foods should not be consumed after drinking.


1. Don’t eat pizza or hamburgers with tomatoes. This is because of the acidic ingredients of tomatoes that may induce reflux esophagitis and gastrointestinal discomfort. After drinking, the digestive function of the human gut will automatically weaken. If you do some more tomatoes, it will aggravate the symptoms of gastrointestinal discomfort.

2. Don’t drink orange juice after drinking. As with tomatoes, oranges also contain a large amount of acidic fruit, which can bring two burdens to the digestive organs that are already fragile. Bananas are a good choice if you want to eat fruit very much.

3. Don’t eat too spicy food. Many people like to have spicy fried rice cakes or seafood noodle soup as the next meal or hangover, in fact, spicy food itself is enough to stimulate, together with alcohol under the belly, for the gastrointestinal is a “double kill”. If you drink too spicy food, the next day the stomach may be more uncomfortable.

4. Do not eat fried food after drinking. Because the next day after the hangover, the body will urinate autonomously, naturally, the body will enter a slightly dehydrated state. If you eat some fried chicken fries, such as high temperature fried food, it will aggravate this symptom. Because the sodium content of fried foods is very high, and sodium is a very important role is diuretic.

5. Don’t drink coffee. Caffeine in coffee accelerates the new generation, with the specific performance of the person beating faster. Some of the more sensitive people will appear flustered shortness of breath, these symptoms can be very uncomfortable, thus affecting the normal rest and work. If you drink too much coffee, the diuretic effect can also cause mild dehydration.

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