Don’t eat too much summer rice,Why don’t you eat more “bitter”?

In Hangzhou, summer to eat summer rice, all over the summer rice is not the same: some places are black rice leaves do, slightly sweet, some are glutinous rice, peas, bamboo shoots silk, pickles, ham meat together, taste is salty, but some greasy.

“The weather turns hot, the diet should notice light, itself glutinous rice is not easy to digest the food, therefore summer rice does not suggest to eat more.” This time to eat more seasonal fresh food, such as cherries, mulberry, shad and so on. ”
Jintao, a professor of traditional Chinese medicine in Zhejiang Provincial Hospital, reminded the summer to nourish the blood after a while. “Lack of effort, there will be a lot of performance: such as mouth dry, constipation, lip nail light, pale complexion, some people will have the tongue sores, sleep difficult response.” Stay up late, sleep not enough, in turn will hurt the yin blood. ”
He said that the first to maintain a good sleep, sleep length and quality should be guaranteed; On the diet, to grasp the “spring and Summer Yang” principle, the choice of warm Yang Qi, Sin hair, such as ginger, leek, garlic, mustard, etc. can also choose to remove the wet food such as Huai Yam, Gorgon, Chixiaodou, to eliminate moisture in the body.
Attention to supplement protein, you can choose fish, meat, you can eat more beans, choose dark vegetables Vitamin supplementation. To eat less raw food, drink less refreshing drinks, eat sweets less eat sour food, to avoid cold injury Yang Qi, while using sweets to raise temper, to dispel dampness and nourishing the spleen.
“Summer can be appropriate to add bitter vegetables, such as balsam pear, bitter vegetables, bitter gourd leaves, with bitter food yangxin heat.” ”

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