Are you drinking right? Study in Switzerland: Drinking herbal tea helps to lose weight

known, tea can stimulate fat burning, help lose weight. Swiss News May 2 reported that a research team in Freeburg, Switzerland, recently found that drinking herbal tea than drinking hot tea to lose weight better.


Recently, researchers at the Cardiovascular and Metabolic Science Laboratory at Freeburg University have done a comparative experiment that allowed 23 healthy young adults to drink two cups of sugar-free and caffeinated mate, one day drinking 3°c herbal tea and drinking 55°c hot tea on the other day.

As the author reports in the American Journal of the Physiology Frontier , in the 90 minutes after tea, the scientists measured the participants ‘ blood pressure, heart rate, heart pump volume, oxygen consumption and lipid oxidation, and compared the data to the tea before drinking.

Test results show that the energy consumption of herbal tea is twice times as hot tea (8.3%: 3.7%), that is to say, herbal tea can promote fatty acid metabolism, while reducing the metabolic pressure of the heart.

The study was reportedly supported by the Swiss Heart Foundation. Of course, herbal tea to control the role of weight need further study to confirm.

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