The healing force is the best physician 9 ways to improve your body “healing power”

People have a headache, and naturally they want to go to the hospital and run the drugstore so that they can “get rid of it”. In fact, the human body has a powerful self-healing power that you can’t imagine, and it can cause a lot of diseases to look down without the help of external forces. This is because there is a big “drugstore” in the body, which contains all kinds of hormones, which are medicinal herbs.


Self-healing is the best physician.

Self-healing is a powerful “health butler”, including the nervous system, immune system and endocrine system.
When the body feel uncomfortable or sick, the nervous system will capture the abnormal signals in the first time, and command the immune system and endocrine system together, through the transfer of various hormones in the body and the antibody, to eliminate pathogenic factors, repair the damaged the body, the purpose of the return to health.
“The best physician of the patient is himself,” said the ancient Greek physician, Hippocrates. This is the power of self-healing. To some extent, doctors also use drugs to stimulate and support the body’s self-healing power.
Common skin injury, the doctor timely medicine, after the wound to reduce inflammation, the remaining healing depends on the self-healing force; After fracture, the upper splint is fixed, and the remaining recovery relies on self-healing. Many high blood pressure, diabetes, fatty liver and other chronic diseases, if you adjust the lifestyle, do not take medicine can be controlled very well, rely on the self-healing power…
According to a German study, the human body is capable of healing 60 to 70 percent of its discomfort and disease. But unfortunately, modern people don’t take it seriously. When they get sick, they become accustomed to relying on drugs to fight disease, and gradually weaken their self-healing instinct.

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