9 ways to improve your body’s ability to “heal”

The Chinese medicine stresses “the three divide governs, seven points raises”, we should try to rely on the internal force to cure the disease. How to awaken the body’s healing power, make it more and more powerful, in case of a rainy?

9 ways to improve your body’s ability to “heal”

1. Do not abuse drugs

“Is the drug three cent poison”, any medicaments has certain poisonous side effect, often the drug which the potency is stronger, the poisonous side effect is also stronger. Only rational use of drugs can minimize harm.

Nanjing integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine hospital treatment of Hu Zheng said, in many people’s minds, antibiotics seem to play the role of “inflammation Nemesis.” In fact, antibiotics are effective only for bacteria-induced infections, and the inflammation caused by the virus is ineffective. Experts said that the human body there are a large number of beneficial bacteria, if the use of antibiotics to treat aseptic inflammation, drugs into the human body will inhibit and kill the beneficial flora, causing the flora imbalance, so that the body resistance to decline, but more prone to illness. Using antibiotics against colds is basically useless. Only when the cold has a yellow nose, yellow phlegm, sore throat, swollen tonsils and other symptoms of pus, bronchitis, pneumonia, otitis media, tonsillitis, rheumatism, nephritis, and diagnosed with hemolytic streptococcus infection, it is necessary to use the appropriate antibiotic treatment.

In the occurrence of minor problems to create more opportunities for the body, as far as possible to reduce drug use, especially to avoid excessive medication, self-healing power will instinctively rise.

2, have a good mood

Chinese medicine thought, “Too happy sad, too sad lung, excessive anger injury liver, worry about injury spleen, panic injury kidney.” “Any bad mood can implicate bodily injury.

A number of studies have confirmed that mood-pleasing can improve immunity and reduce the risk of disease. It can be seen that a good mentality is not only the inner cornerstone of health, but also a natural barrier against various external evils.

De White, a doctor at the American Women’s Hospital in the United States and Professor Rosalyn of the Harvard School of Medicine, said that people with positive optimism were healthier, less likely to die of cardiovascular disease and more robust lung function.

Hu Zheng also explains that the human brain transmits various signals to the immune system cells, which in turn directs the cell’s vital activities to function properly. If there is a problem with the transmission of information, it will directly affect the activity of the cells in the immune system, and then affect the ability of the immune system to play a role. When people are in a bad mood, the molecules in charge of immune function are also “unhappy”, so that the virus and bacteria can be drilled. For example, when people suffer from disease, if they have the confidence to overcome disease, then can effectively mobilize the body’s immune strength, promote the body to restore health early.

We should learn to treat everything with a peaceful attitude. When the mood is bored may do exercise, listens to the music, or chats with the friend, reduces the pressure.

3. Keep a pet

The Mayo Clinic Medical School oncology professor Edward T. Cregan suggests that pets can increase endorphins and oxytocin in the body, as well as reduce stress hormone cortisol and improve human immunity. Pet owners feel less stressed and nervous, so they are less at risk for cardiovascular disease than those who don’t.

Hu Zheng said that some studies have shown that pets help improve the mental state and health prospects of empty-nest elderly people. But it should be noted that pets must be regularly checked and kept clean. Because dirty pets can also be used as a source of infection directly spread zoonotic disease.

4. Walk more and drive less

Hu Zheng Director said that the advantages of sports is not to say, exercise not only physical fitness, but also a lot of diseases, especially chronic diseases. Exercise can reduce stress, improve sleep habits, and help reduce excess hormones. The greatest benefit of exercise is to increase the systolic, storage, and vascular elasticity of the heart. Walking at least 30 minutes a day will produce unexpected results.

5. Make two new friends every year

Chief physician Hu Zheng said, long time alone person coping with the pressure is poor, this will make the human hormone secretion imbalance, immune system damage. People living alone should be more in contact with family, friends, colleagues or neighbors, with the development of interpersonal relationship, psychological compression ability will be enhanced, immunity will be virtually enhanced.

6, Sleep full sleep

“Up is better than tonic, tonic is better than sleeping.” “Sleep accounted for 1/3 of the time, is the most effective way to restore physical strength, can promote the body of the organs of the growth and development and self-healing.” Only sleep well, can raise enough strength, with more full “organism” against disease.

“Improve the ‘ self-healing ‘ force, that is, immunity, first of all to have a good rest, people restore physical strength.” “Hu Zheng points out that during sleep, the brain, gastrointestinal tract, and the corresponding organs secrete and produce the hormones and energy substances needed by the human body to sustain survival, mental thinking and physical activity.” Normally, when people sleep, heart rate breathing slows down, body temperature and blood pressure will decrease, basal metabolism will be reduced, so that people’s physical strength is restored. Many people like to stay up late, thinking that the next day to drink some coffee can be energetic, but, if the number of consecutive days of lack of sleep, will bring many health risks.

It is advisable to sleep before 10 per night, both to detoxify the body and to improve immunity.

7, go out with a pen

This avoids the use of pens from hospitals, banks, couriers and restaurant waiters. The pen allows you to avoid exposure to viruses, because colds and flu viruses can be transmitted by hand.

Hu Zheng also stressed that patients exposed to the door handle, elevator buttons and other public facilities, there are also a large number of cold viruses. And the virus survives the surface of these hard objects for dozens of hours. Therefore, the habit of frequent hand washing is an effective way to reduce the spread of colds.

8, let the Child “dirty” a little

Compared with only one child, those who have brothers and sisters in the family, contact with small animals, children living in rural areas, have less risk of allergies or asthma, appropriate exposure to some such as dust, mud, etc., help to enhance the child’s immunity.

Experts say, the individual immunity is under the outside environment Thorn unceasingly “grows up”, too clean but disadvantageous child’s health and the Resistance enhancement. Children need to be educated to understand health, such as remember before before the situation to wash hands promptly, but not everything should be the cleanest.

9. Balanced Nutrition

Nutrition is not only the energy source to maintain the normal operation of the body, but also the material basis for moistening the life of the human body, and the “raw material” for the immune blocks.

Recommended daily diet should pay attention to “four collocation”, that is, weight collocation, meat and vegetable collocation, cold and cold collocation and fruit and vegetables collocation, to maintain a rich and diverse diet.

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