Which is better to eat meat and soup?

Some people say chicken soup, broth is more nourishing, can drink soup only need not eat meat. Some people say that soup can not be nourished, protein and iron are in the meat. Which is the more nourishing soup or meat?


Whether these two sentences are correct or not depends on who and under what circumstances they are used.

Whether chicken soup or broth, the protein content in the soup is far less than the meat itself. Soluble sarcoplasmic proteins, amino acids and peptides in meat are easy to enter into the soup, but most of the muscle fiber components are difficult to dissolve. Generally speaking, the protein content in chicken broth and broth is only 1 / 2%, while the protein content in meat is 15% or 20%. The proteins that are not soluble in the soup are not indigestible to the body. A healthy person’s stomach acid digests undissolved macromolecular proteins, turns them into small amino acids, and then absorbs them into blood. So for the vast majority of healthy people with normal digestion and absorption, eating chicken soup and broth every day without eating chunks of meat, the total amount of protein you get is too small.

However, it is not accurate in some cases to compare the value of soup and meat with protein content alone. There are many nutrients in chicken broth and broth, such as free amino acids, small peptides, glutamic acid, glutamine, creatine, B vitamins and so on. Play a role in improving appetite and digestive capacity.

Glutamine and glutamic acid are both non-essential amino acids, seemingly dispensable, but they can be used as a rapid energy supply to intestinal cells and play a positive role in health. In cases of malnutrition and weakness after surgery and illness, the supply of energy to intestinal cells is inadequate, and people may suffer from loss of appetite, indigestion, and even intestinal obstruction in severe cases, if these elements can be replenished. Can be very helpful to patients.

For the sick and weak, although the protein content of the whole meat is higher, they can not fully digest and absorb the protein because of the low digestion and absorption capacity and the function of liver and kidney treatment, which may even cause the burden of digestive system and liver and kidney. It’s like saying that a baby less than six months old can only digest and absorb very low levels of protein in breast milk (human milk contains only 1.1 and 1.2 percent of milk protein, about 1/3 of milk). If babies are given Beef Seasoned with Soy Sauce, which contains more than 20% protein, it will not only be able to supplement nutrition, but will eat the disease. The same is true of weak, indigestible people who should not eat beef.

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