What is the principle that some athletes will enter the rapid freezer after the game to restore physical fitness?

Ordinary people are curious to see some athletes in a “big freezer”. In fact, this technique is called “cryogenic therapy” Cryo Therapyr, which uses liquid nitrogen (minus 196 degrees Celsius) as a cold source. The operating temperature can be as low as -150 to -180 degrees Celsius, and the body surface of the human body can be treated with cold therapy.


To put it bluntly, the cryogenic therapy is similar to the ice compress that is familiar to everyone. The effect is to reduce the joint / muscle temperature, so that the inflammatory reaction in the affected area can be controlled.

For example, someone who plays basketball bumps into someone and has a big swelling in his leg. If not ice, the next day, the third day, the leg was bruised due to persistent inflammation, more swollen. It took a week to get rid of the swelling and get back to Lasso.

The same bruise, immediately after the injury ice, so that the swelling can be controlled, originally a week to eliminate the swelling, as a result of the effect of ice for three days on a good all.

This “ultra-hypothermia cold therapy”, because the temperature is lower, the effect of inhibiting inflammation is better than ice compress, after using, the same bruise, after a day or two will reduce the swelling, good.

This is a day or two of accelerated recovery, which may not be a big deal for ordinary people. However, for competitive athletes, it may be critical. According to foreign media reports, NBA basketball star James, on the use of “cryogenic cold therapy” to help speed up their recovery.

Hidden trouble and side effects.

Of course, cryotherapy is not all good, there are hidden dangers and side effects.

Obviously, very low temperature, the time is long, certainly easy to frostbite! Therefore, the duration of most systemic cryotherapy is controlled within 3 minutes. Interestingly, unlike women’s requests, manufacturers require “men must wear underwear”-to protect men’s balls from freezing.

In addition, high-tech, ultra-low temperature cold therapy must be much more expensive than ice. Check out the website of the organization that offers cryogenic therapy to James, as shown above: enjoy a three-minute full-body hyperthermia therapy for at least $55, or 380 yuan.

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