How long does the frozen meat break in the fridge? Will eating be poisoned? After watching a cold sweat!

Many families fill up their refrigerators, especially by “hoarding meat”. Some of the meat they buy, such as chicken, duck, pork, etc., is stored in the freezer layer when they can’t eat it for a while, so as not to break down. Over time, the meat became “zombie meat.”

Your heart must be full of doubts, what exactly is zombie meat? What harm does eating have? How can we thaw and freeze scientifically?See for your family and your health!


What is “zombie meat”?

“zombie meat” is an exaggeration of frozen meat sold to the market after years of freezing. Zombie meat may also be present in daily life. People often buy some meat and store it in the refrigerator for a while. But it may be forgotten over time, and it takes months to discover.

At this point, the frozen meat has become “zombie meat”, they have exceeded the safe eating period, not only poor taste, serious loss of nutrients, but also may bring health risks, better not to be reluctant to eat.

What harm does it have to eat long frozen meat?

Food poisoning.

When the frozen meat thawed, the temperature rose and the damaged tissue cells oozed a lot of protein and water, and meat became a paradise for nourishing bacteria. Bacteria can break down the protein and fat in meat, and produce a large number of harmful small molecular substances decomposition products.

Such as protein decomposition produced small amines, aliphatic oxidation of aldehydes, ketones, peroxides and so on. People are likely to eat food poisoning, vomiting, nausea, diarrhea and other symptoms.

Accelerate senescence.

Freezing prevents bacteria from propagating and spoilage, but it does not completely stop the oxidation of fat and protein.

When the meat is oxidized, over time the color will become dark red, fat also began to yellow, taste also changed. If you eat this kind of meat, the fat oxidation products in the meat will accelerate the aging of the human body.

Immunity decline.

After the meat is frozen, the microbes and bacteria and parasites inside are still inside, slowly producing toxins that penetrate into the meat.

When the meat freezes, these microbes, bacteria and parasites become active, and the meat degenerates very quickly. Long-term consumption will reduce the body’s immunity.


How to freeze scientifically?

The length of preservation of frozen food depends on the type of food, pre-freezing treatment and temperature conditions in the freezer. The pre-treatment has great influence on the shelf life of frozen food.

Wash and freeze.

Poultry, seafood, river fresh should be taken clean viscera, wash inside and outside and then frozen. Other foods and meat also need to be cleaned carefully before freezing to remove bacteria from the surface.

Classified freezing.

All foods in the freezer should be divided into a single portion of the food, with a preservative bag or fresh film carefully packaged to prevent water loss.


It is best to label the outer package with the date and name for later use.

Guarantee low temperature.

Make sure that the temperature of the freezer is low enough to reach minus 18 ℃. Also note that after thawing food had better not be frozen again.

Fresh meat is best frozen for less than a month.

According to the “cold storage management code (trial)” provisions: meat at -18 ℃, the storage period of 10-12 months. However, due to the different processing methods and freezing conditions of meat, the storage period of frozen meat is very different.

Therefore, it is recommended that fresh meat be frozen for less than 1 month, with a maximum of 3 months.

Moreover, the home refrigerator generally can not reach the freezing temperature and effect of the freezer, frozen meat in the freezer for a long time will still slowly deteriorate, it is recommended that we buy home frozen meat had better be eaten in a week.

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