Can’t anemia people drink tea?

Mr. Yang, a Fujian reader, asked: I particularly like tea, but people have been saying that “anaemia people can’t drink tea,” and even “too much tea is easy to anemia.” Want to ask the expert, is this true?


Ruan Guangfeng, member of the expert Committee of the China Internet Joint platform for disclosing rumors and director of the Science and Technology Department of the Kexin Food and Nutrition Information Exchange Center, said: tea contains a large amount of tannins, which combine with iron elements in food to form an insoluble substance. Hinders the human body to iron absorption, causes iron deficiency anemia. But this is only theoretical reasoning, and it is far from our real life. Drinking tea will not have a great impact on the absorption of iron in our daily diet, nor will it lead to anemia.

First, only a few grams of tea is used to make a pot of tea, and less tannins can be dissolved, which has little effect on iron.

Second, tannin in tea will reduce iron absorption, but our daily diet is diverse, there are many foods containing iron, as long as eat more iron-rich foods, such as eating a few pieces of lean meat without fear of iron deficiency.

From the current investigation, tea will not affect the body’s absorption of iron, but also will not lead to anemia. A meta-analysis of iron absorption in tea-drinkers in the UK found that iron absorption and metabolism were not affected by iron absorption and metabolism in normal people whenever they drank tea every day. For those at high risk of iron deficiency anemia, researchers recommend drinking tea between meals, an hour after meals.

If you are particularly worried about anemia caused by drinking tea, it is recommended that you choose a reasonable tea time, preferably one hour after meals; eat a balanced diet, eat more fruits and vegetables, and appropriately add red meat and animal offal such as chicken, liver, pig’s liver, etc. Supplement heme iron and vitamin C, increase the total amount of iron and absorption rate, help prevent anemia.

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