7 days only drink water do not eat what kind of change can the body have? 2 fitness professionals accepted the challenge

Many plump people have the idea of losing weight, but a significant number of people lose weight in a way that is very simple and rough, and that is to go on a diet. Not fast enough to lose weight? Then eat less! As a result, the subsequent behavior of drinking water and not eating any other food became fatal.


The harm of this practice to the body has long been pointed out, but there are also some literature has come to the opposite conclusion. For example, many people know about the Valley. Who is right and who is wrong, the line is really blurred. To understand the short-term effects of this behavior on the body, the two fitness professionals decided to test it themselves.

Heussaff, 31, is a mixture of French and Filipino and currently works in the media on food and tourism. Although Heussaff has always been keeping fit, his long travel and food outings have turned him into a fitness talent with a high body fat rate. Heussaff decided to take on a seven-day challenge of drinking only water and not eating any other food for seven days because of a strong thirst for knowledge.

In order to be more persuasive, Heussaff found his companion Solenn. For a figure like Solenn, a lot of girls might want it. But she herself said that she also wanted to reduce a bit of waist fat, so she readily agreed to the challenge.

Stick to fitness.

It was the first time that both men had approached a hunger strike (both consulted a doctor before acting). After the challenge of the first day, Heussaff got up and, as usual, began the day’s work. By midday, however, Heussaff had shown drowsiness, but it could still be overcome. To my surprise, he still maintains the fitness activity, but he is not very satisfied with the effect of the training. By 7 P. m., Heussaff was not feeling any discomfort, but his instincts told him, “it may be a particularly difficult evening.”

When Solenn gets up, he can’t drink coffee as usual. Instead of coffee, he simply chooses water instead. Because of Solenn’s life circle, she is always tempted by the food around her. So one day, she was waging a struggle.

When they got up the next day, they both had a problem, that is, bad breath. In order to avoid the embarrassment of greeting colleagues Heussaff had to brush his teeth every once in a while. It’s normal to brush it at least four times a day.

Heussaff has had serious sleep problems since the next night. Heussaff, who hadn’t dripped in two days, had difficulty falling asleep and would wake up every two hours or so. Surprisingly, the couple completed a training session the next morning, accompanied by a fitness instructor, when Heussaff met Solennes. And both felt good about the training.


Drink coffee.

On the fourth day of the challenge, Solenn couldn’t stand the temptation of her best friends and finally had a cup of coffee. But she herself said she was not hungry, just a bit greedy, and boring, but did not want to do anything. Heussaff at this time is still struggling to insist on not eating anything other than water.

Challenge over.

From day 5, Heussaff felt his sleep quality had improved. To be on the safe side, he measured his blood sugar once. The results showed that his blood sugar concentration was 65mg/dl. This figure is still relatively low compared to the average person’s fasting blood glucose concentration (70 to 110 mg/dl). At this point, Solenn still showed a kind of boredom, but still insisted that he was not hungry. It turned out that at night, when the best friends were having a dinner together, Solenn could no longer bear to start eating, and the challenge ended.

On day 6, Heussaff was excited at the thought that he would soon be able to end the challenge and eat food, and then spent the day thinking about food. In the end, he stuck to the challenge for seven days.


Changes of Solenn.

For Solennen, who lasted just five days, her weight dropped from the original 58kg to 55 kg, and her abdominal muscles became more visible.

Changes of Heussaff.

The Heussaff, which lasted 7 days, changed from the original 76kg to 70 kg, but there was no apparent change in appearance. After the challenge, the two said at the same time, “I will not do such a thing again.

Repeated food.

After Heussaff resumed his diet, he concluded, “Hunger is divided into psychological and physical. Sometimes it’s hard to be hungry. It’s a body that really needs energy. Sometimes not very hungry but really want to eat, that is the body developed eating habits. In any case, however, it is not recommended that people drink water for a long time to lose weight. If you want to do so, you can choose to eat no food for one day in a week. ). “what do you think of this?

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