You may be suffering from “May sickness”, if you don’t want to move.

May days are not hot, but always not up to the spirit, body boring, no appetite, do not want to go to school, do not want to work, do not want to do.

These symptoms of laziness may be caused by May disease.


Know-May disease is like menopause.

When it comes to May disease, many people are curious. Although it is not a formal medical name, it is a popular name in Japan. Because Japan generally takes April as the beginning of the new year, when it is concentrated on school attendance, employment, and mobility, the lives of many Japanese people have changed. At this time, many people are suffering from May disease.

“not only the Japanese, but also many people in our country will be ill in May. “Ma Yunzhi, a national famous veteran Chinese medicine doctor and director of the second District of Encephalopathy at the first affiliated Hospital of Henan University of traditional Chinese Medicine, points out that as soon as May enters, some people will feel powerless, lack of appetite, and fidgety. I’m not interested in doing a lot of things. “the symptoms are a little like menopause in women.

“this kind of laziness is actually not a disease, but a normal response of the human body to seasonal changes,” explains Zhao Zhifu, director of the Department of Psychosomatic Medicine at the Guanganmen Hospital of the Chinese Academy of traditional Chinese Medicine. In fact, May disease does not refer to May alone. But generally refers to the early summer season due to stress and fatigue symptoms. On the one hand, May is the beginning of summer in China, when the temperature rises, the body metabolism speed up, will lead to insufficient brain blood supply, fatigue, restless symptoms. On the other hand, from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, “summer corresponds to the heart”, summer Yangqi is too rich, the small environment of the human body will also be affected, resulting in heart-fire exuberant resulting in irritability.

Wu Guozhong, a famous Chinese medicine expert, believes that the symptoms of the so-called “May disease” are actually the symptoms of liver depression from the perspective of Chinese medicine. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the liver corresponds to spring, the main hair. Long-term depression, anxiety, tension, in fact, is the performance of obstruction of liver-qi growth. Liver muscle. If you have a problem with your liver, you will still be weak. Therefore, regulating the liver and relieving depression is the key to improve the symptoms. In addition, May is the turn of the spring and summer, people are prone to fire. Among them, heart fire is most likely to appear in summer. The patient’s main performance is sleep is not good, upset, restless, love to lose temper, mouth sore.


Improve-ease try “auspicious three treasures”

To relieve these symptoms, Professor Yang Li of the Chinese Academy of traditional Chinese Medicine offers some small ways:

If you feel bored and have no appetite, you can knead an inch and a half of an inch and a half on your belly button. Lanmen point can be said to pass through the door of the viscera, if digestion is not good, appetite is not good, this part will often be particularly hard, meaning that this place needs to be opened. .

Drink mint water-if you’re not interested in doing anything, drink mint water. Peppermint not only has the function of dispersing wind and heat, soothing the liver and running qi, but also calming down the negative emotions such as anger and depression. Work can not lift the spirit, you can also mouth with Panax quinquefolium to refresh. All kinds of melons and legumes also have the effect of invigorating spleen and dispelling dampness and heat.

Take a good nap-after the summer people’s sleep time will become shorter, if often feel irritable, can appropriately increase the rest time, especially to take a good nap. . .

In addition, too much stress is often a cause of May disease. . To change your mood.


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