Why do you get up suddenly and get dizzy?

Presumably many people have this experience, lying or crouching, suddenly standing up, will start to feel dizzy, blurred eyes, severe symptoms of syncope, a few minutes to return to normal. This can not help but doubt, this is anaemia or hypoglycemia? Or something more serious? Let’s explain why!


Why do you get up suddenly and get dizzy.

1. Probably caused by postural hypotension.

1. What is postural hypotension?

Postural hypotension is also called orthostatic deasthenia. It is easy to understand, in the case of sudden standing, the head position rapidly elevated, the heart has not had time to transport enough blood to the brain, brain temporary lack of oxygen, dizziness or fainting, and so on.

2. Vulnerable population.

Postural hypotension is more likely to occur in children, frail women, elderly people, and patients who are taking a special drug. But it does not mean that the presence of postural hypotension is a sign of weakness and ill health.

2. How to prevent postural hypotension.

1, when squatting down to get up, it is best to maintain a slower speed, not to stand too fast, so that the body can have time to respond. Not only can give the brain time to react, but also can avoid a lot of bumps and other accidents.

2, in the case of cold fever, diarrhea, drink and so on, should pay more attention to, and timely supply of water. Although dizziness seems to have no direct relationship with hydration, it can speed up blood flow when the body is hydrated. Especially in the summer hot weather, easy to sweat, if the body water loss too much and not timely replenishment, will directly affect the speed of blood circulation.

3. If you are taking antihypertensive drugs, sedatives and other drugs, to improve attention, standing up when the best support to avoid sudden fainting fall.

4, usually should exercise more, strengthen exercise, strengthen oneself physique ability can raise immunity, still need balanced diet at the same time.

5. The above points should be noted on weekdays. When necessary, can also accept moxibustion treatment, persevering can receive obvious effect.

Does it really have nothing to do with anemia and hypoglycemia?

Not really, anaemia and hypoglycemia can also appear this kind of condition, but with the sudden change of body position is not direct relation, but appear dizziness and so on in any circumstance. So it should be diagnosed to distinguish anemia, hypoglycemia, posture hypotension of these three manifestations.

If this sudden change in posture results in syncope, which occurs only once or twice, there is no need to worry too much. But if in peacetime, often accompany with face pale, hands and feet powerless wait for a phenomenon, should seek medical examination in time, prescribe medicine to the case, lest delay treatment.

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