What little things get the driver out of his mind

More than 1.25 million people worldwide die in traffic accidents every year, according to the World Health Organization, and drivers are four times more likely to be involved in traffic accidents using their mobile phones than when they are not in use. These “trifles” are the culprits that take away the driver’s attention, and it’s best not to do it while driving.


Playing with cell phones. In a survey conducted by Tsinghua University’s Automotive Development Research Center, 65% of respondents answered the phone while driving, 59% watched WeChat or 31% Weibo. These behaviors slow down the driver’s reaction speed, easily deviate from the lane and prevent him from keeping a safe distance from the car in front of him. Phone calls should pull over, turn on double flashes and alert other drivers. Some people use Bluetooth to answer the phone, which frees the hands, but not the brain. It also distracts the driver.

Snack. According to the survey, 51% of women eat or drink while driving, and some men eat breakfast while driving in order to save time. Tests by the American insurance organization concluded that snacks that dribble, spill and contaminate clothing can be dangerous, such as hot drinks, fried foods, and foods with a stronger smell.

Pick up something. Food or interior ornaments fall into the car. When the driver bends to pick up, his eyes are off the road, and his body tilts to drive the hand on the steering wheel, causing the vehicle to change its direction, which is easy to cause accidents; some ornaments fall off the road. It may fall under the brake pedal to affect the brakes; some drivers are also driving to pick up items from the back seat. Attention should not be placed in front of windscreen easy to drop snacks, ornaments; do not put necessities in the back row; things fall as far as possible do not pick up, if fell under the driving position, timely pull over to pick up.

Driving. A joke with a friend sitting in the copilot can easily lead to an accident. The driver should grasp the degree of conversation with the passengers, one does not fight, two do not have physical contact and quarrel. At the same time, passengers have an obligation not to distract the driver.

In addition, turning on the music, listening to the music, watching the roadside bustle, staring at someone can be distracting. Female drivers sometimes drive while looking for lipstick, finishing makeup from the rearview mirror, selfie and so on will also distract attention, should be avoided.

Some things should be done well in advance of departure. Many drivers use mobile phone navigation to search the map, the attention to the surrounding situation will be greatly reduced, better set up before departure. Before starting the vehicle, the seat belt should be fastened to adjust the seat angle and the mirror angle. If it is adjusted in the driving state, it will distract attention.

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