Try it! Treatment of minor diseases with Hawthorn medicine

Hawthorn is a common food, sweet in the acid, can be eaten raw, dried or for preserved fruit cake, Chinese medicine is often used as a medicinal material. This issue, experts summed up a few Hawthorn small prescription, simple and convenient to make, can treat, alleviate some minor diseases, readers may wish to try.


Walnut Hawthorn relieves low back pain.

Busy office workers less exercise, a sitting is a day, long-term so easy kidney deficiency, resulting in back pain, often take pecan Hawthorn drink has a certain relief. Specifically: take 150 grams of walnuts, 50 grams of Hawthorn, 200 grams of sugar, a little water of walnut kernel, pulp with food processing machine, then add some cool boiled water to mix into thin pulp juice; Hawthorn is demineralized, sliced, and boiled for half an hour with 500 milliliters of water, After filtering out the first juice, boil the two juices, combine the two juices, then place on the fire, add sugar to stir, dissolve slowly into walnut juice, stir well while the mixture is upside down, simmer until simmering. Take each morning and evening, warm suit is appropriate.

In the prescription, walnut kernel is warm and warm, it is the traditional kidney tonic, and it is also the main material commonly used in the treatment of kidney deficiency, whether it is used for dispensing medicine, or raw food, boiled water, and cooked vegetables. All have the function of tonifying blood and nourishing qi, tonifying kidney and filling essence, relieving cough and relieving asthma, moistening dryness and defecating, etc., especially treating the low back pain caused by deficiency of kidney. The Tang Dynasty Meng Shen’s book “the food therapy this herb” also has the record, eats the walnut kernel may be appetizer, runs the blood vein.Hawthorn acid slightly warm, stomach, can promote the secretion of gastric digestive enzymes, both digestion and stagnation, but also promote blood stasis. Two drugs together, can make the kidney qi recovery, blood vessels unobstructed, so that the pain dissipated naturally.

Hawthorn chrysanthemum lowers blood pressure.

Patients with hypertension need to take long-term antihypertensive drugs, taking drugs with Hawthorn chrysanthemum tea at the same time, can harvest unexpected effect of hypotension.

Dry Hawthorn 10 grams, dried chrysanthemum 2.5 grams, wash with water, pot boiling water into Hawthorn, heat boiling, turn to small heat about 10 minutes, finally add chrysanthemum to boil, you can turn off the heat. Can also take Hawthorn slice 10 grams, white chrysanthemum 5 grams, with boiling water brewing for tea, twice a day, used for a month, but also long-term drinking.

In the recipe, Hawthorn has a strong role in the elimination of guide, can eliminate the accumulation of food, blood stasis. Modern studies have shown that triterpenoids and flavonoids in Hawthorn have significant vasodilatation and hypotensive effects, and can regulate the content of blood lipid and cholesterol. Chrysanthemum has the effect of thinning wind and clearing heat, calming the liver and eyes and detoxifying. Modern pharmacological studies show that chrysanthemum can lower blood pressure, prevent hyperlipidemia, and then clear the mind and relieve dizziness and other symptoms. The combination of both has the effect of strong spleen and stomach, lowering blood pressure, and can also soothe the liver and relieve the liver damage caused by taking antihypertensive drugs for a long time.

Lowering blood lipid in Hawthorn salvia miltiorrhiza tea.

With the improvement of people’s living standard, excessive fat intake and excessive drinking will lead to liver fat metabolism disorder and increase the incidence of hyperlipidemia. Improving living and eating habits and taking drugs or meals can help reduce blood lipids. Here recommend a Hawthorn salvia miltiorrhiza tea, patients may wish to try.

Specific: raw Hawthorn 1530g, Danshen 30g, gynostemma 15 grams, licorice 6 grams, fried, tea. One dose per day, can be taken multiple times, two months as a course of treatment. “Compendium of Materia Medica” records Hawthorn can “eat, eliminate meat accumulation.” The study shows that Hawthorn is a natural antilipidemic drug, which contains ursolic acid and hyperoside can effectively prevent and treat atherosclerosis, reduce serum total cholesterol and triglyceride, and can dilate blood vessels, improve microcirculation, lower blood pressure and so on. Salvia miltiorrhiza taste bitter, slightly cold, for the commonly used nourishing blood and activating blood medicine. The results showed that it had the effects of anti-platelet aggregation, improving the blood supply of heart and brain, lowering blood pressure, lowering lipid and decreasing uric acid. Gynostemma pentaphyllum taste sweet and bitter, slightly cold, has the function of healthy intestines and stomach, promoting digestion and absorption, adjusting fat and reducing weight, etc., the total glucosides of gynostemma pentaphyllum can alleviate the formation of arterial plaque and lipid peroxidation. These several kinds of medicine low price, no obvious side effects, easy to take, the effect of reducing fat and weight loss is obvious.

Hawthorn pericarp food.

“accumulation of stagnation” refers to the diet, stagnation of spleen and stomach, accumulation and not caused by the disease syndrome, more in children. “The Sources of Diseases and Pediatric Miscellaneous Diseases” records: “Children should not be too full to eat, full to hurt the spleen, spleen injuries can not be consumed in eating, so that children with heavy limbs, body bitter fever, face yellow belly is also large” . The “accumulation stagnation” has the deficiency and the solid, the solid person is the satiety many food after, the spleen and stomach transports the transformation, the diet stays in the stomach, causes the spleen and stomach to run unobstructed, produces the fullness feeling; the deficiency is the disease after the body deficiency or the congenital spleen and stomach weakness, cannot carry the food to cause.

Here, recommend a Hawthorn skin drink, can be debilitated: Hawthorn 1530 grams, 12 grams old skin, French Pinellia 12 grams, Poria cocos 15 grams, wood 6 grams, white peony 10 grams, licorice 6 grams, all materials together with water decoction, morning and evening two warm clothes. “Herbal Materia Medica” records that Hawthorn can digest food, and qi and phlegm; Tanpi Xinxing Wentong has the effect of invigorating the spleen and stomach and promoting qi in a wide range of water; phlegm water permeates moisture and can be stopped due to stagnation. Moisture in the stomach also enhances physical fitness; Qi-invigorating spleen and dampness; compatibility with Pinellia ternata, while reducing phlegm to relieve cough and counteracting nausea; Paeoniae Paeoniae Alba Blood-nourishing and soothing liver, relieving pain. Several drugs combined, can invigorate the spleen and stomach, eliminate accumulation and guide stagnation, and have a similar “Baohe pills” effect, this prescription eliminate all food accumulation, treat all water and grain not rot disease.

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