Go to the vegetable market and buy less than four kinds of food

A lot of people like to go to the vegetable market, need to remind everybody is, not all food ingredients are suitable to buy in the vegetable market, especially the following several kinds.



Pickled vegetables more or less in the process of nitrite production, but the content of nitrite is not constant, there will be a first rise and then a decline process, after curing, about half a month to peak, and then decline. It is recommended that when eating pickled vegetables, either eat within a few hours after just marinating, or wait until 20 to 30 days before eating, relatively safe. Small vendors do not necessarily know the relevant knowledge, may be marinated within a few days to start selling, significantly increased the risk of excessive intake of nitrite. At the same time, the pickle pickling conditions in the vegetable market can not be guaranteed, the growth and reproduction of miscellaneous bacteria will cause the microorganism to exceed the standard. In the process of sale, non-standard operation may also bring microbes, especially pathogenic bacteria infection, increasing food safety risks.

Dry nuts.

Dry nuts in the vegetable market are generally bulk, such as improper storage conditions, it is easy to absorb moisture. Nut moisture absorption is easy to breed mold, the production of aflatoxin has strong carcinogenicity. Moisture absorption of dry goods will speed up spoilage, not only affect taste, but also may cause microbes to exceed the standard. In addition, bulk food can be grasped easily, greatly increasing the risk of pathogenic bacteria pollution, threatening human health.

Brine cooked food.

Brine flavor cooked food is difficult for people to refuse food, the market can be seen everywhere. However, the general hygiene conditions of small vendors in the vegetable market are poor, and there are no cryogenic refrigerators and sterilizing equipment. Bulk cooked food is easy to breed microbes, resulting in corruption and deterioration. In addition, small vendors have no food safety operation training, it is difficult to follow the correct standard operation, tools, tableware raw cooked, it is easy to cause pathogenic bacteria, parasites cross contamination.

Steamed bread and other staple food.

Soft, white steamed bread is sought after by many people, in order to achieve these effects, small vendors may use aluminum baking powder. Studies show that aluminum is easy to accumulate in the human body, excessive consumption will lead to chronic poisoning, and affect the development of brain cells, memory loss, but also affect iron, calcium absorption, lead to anemia and osteoporosis. At present, the state regulation, steamed bread and other flour products prohibited the use of aluminum baking powder, but now there are often steamed bread and other staple food aluminum exceeded the standard news reports. Sulfur fumigated steamed bread is whiter, but sulfur dioxide produced during fumigation can stimulate gastric mucosa, destroy B vitamins and reduce nutritional value.

Above several kinds of food suggest everybody go to regular supermarket to buy, choose the product that has manufacturer, reduce food safety risk.

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