Do vegetables wash first or cut first and wash later

Some people like to wash first then cut, some people like to cut after wash, some people think how to go, but this is not a procedural problem, and will directly affect the quality of vegetables, then vegetables are washed after good or first cut after washing?


Vegetables should be washed before cutting.

Vegetables should be washed and cut. Fresh vegetables are the main source of vitamin C. But vitamin C is a kind of water-soluble vitamin, it is easy to dissolve in water, cooking process is a little less attention is very easy to lose. If the whole vegetable or whole leaf is washed with clean water, then cut, this can reduce the loss of vitamin C and other water-soluble vitamins. On the contrary, if the vegetables are first cut and washed, and chopped to pieces, or even soaked in water for a long time, then, because of the greatly increased damage to the vegetable wound and the area of contact with the water, the contact time, Must make vitamin C and other large amounts of dissolved in water, resulting in the loss of nutrients.

In addition, fresh vegetables are cut into contact with the air, and if stored for too long, vitamin C in broken cells in the vegetables oxidizes in the air, increasing the loss of nutrients. Therefore, when cooking vegetables, should be washed before cutting.

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