White-collar workers are wary of these “occupational diseases” and seek to find them.


Back pain, “mouse hand, screen face”

Recently, zhang peng, a 25-year-old white-collar worker in Beijing, woke up every morning with a pain in his back, and then he went to the hospital and was told he had a spondylitis. Beijing chaoyang hospital medicine occupational diseases and poisoning chief physician Hao Fengtong introduction, “the mouse hand, screen face such kind of disease is not incorporated into legal occupational disease in China, are not in accordance with the scope of the occupational disease diagnosis and treatment, this kind of disease is called” work related diseases “.

Hao said that for one to two hours, the individual should stand up and relax, see the distance, or do a little exercise for a restorative exercise. Companies should tailor their office chairs and desks to match their height and seats.

Wen jianmin, professor of orthopedics at wangjing hospital of the Chinese academy of Chinese medical sciences, suggested that computer monitors, mice and keyboards should be adjusted. The appropriate height of the monitor is that when the eyes are flat, the line of sight should fall on the central part of the body. Too low or too high will damage the cervical and neck muscles. In order to prevent the “mouse hand”, protect shoulder neck, besides choose a suitable hand type mouse and keyboard, the most important still should adjust to the appropriate height. The higher the mouse and keyboard position, the greater the damage to the wrist; The further away from the body, the greater the damage to the shoulder. It should be placed in a slightly lower position, equivalent to the height of the elbow when the upper arm is perpendicular to the ground.


Cervical spondylosis

Cervical spondylosis has become an epidemic in the workplace, especially in some special industries, such as long-term desk workers. The bad habits of work, coupled with the lack of exercise, lead to too little, or light or heavy, neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain, weak hands and so on.

Four ways to prevent cervical spondylosis:

1. Avoid the bad habit of sleeping on the pillow, and choose a pillow that suits your physiological needs.

2. Keep your neck and shoulders warm, avoid excessive fatigue and don’t fall asleep during the ride.

3. Do not become a “phubbing group”, strengthen the exercise, mainly is to do the head and the double upper limbs forward bends, the back stretch and the rotation movement, can alleviate the fatigue, also can increase the stability of the cervical spine. You can also choose swimming, playing badminton and flying kites.

4. Sit less on the sofa and sit in a hard chair, whether sitting or walking, and keep a proper posture.


Strain the fat

From the perspective of professional characteristics, “overwork fertilizer” has certain particularity. For example, white-collar workers are stressed out over the long term, which increases the level of adrenal cortical hormone levels, which makes people crave food with a strong and vague desire, which makes them prone to overeating. Lack of exercise — exercise is beneficial to energy consumption and transformation. It also directly affects the basal metabolic level of the body. Lack of sleep — the ability of people with insufficient sleep to adjust their mood is poor, which leads to people’s willingness to vent by eating, which causes weight to rise unconsciously. Eating disorders — many office workers have irregular eating habits, such as skipping breakfast in the morning, skipping meals, and eating and drinking at dinner. Some nights, after working overtime, friends will be invited to eat midnight snack, until midnight to go to bed.

According to the causes, half of the “overwork” is caused by occupation, which is related to work stress, long working hours, sedentary occupation and so on. The other half of “overwork” is related to the “waywardness” of the individual. Some white-collar workers are so hard at work that they relax themselves and even indulge themselves. In the case of food, many white-collar workers eat midnight snacks after work in the evening, which is a bad habit that leads to a vicious cycle. On the one hand, besides being adverse to the stomach and intestines, surplus nutrition is easily turned into fat storage. On the other hand, staying up late leads to insufficient sleep and exacerbates “overwork”. So, white collar should pay attention to adipose management more, control weight with more positive attitude, do not let “overwork fat” be wrapped up oneself. For example, to cope with the pressure of work, it might be better to reduce stress by means of style activities and communication with people, instead of feeling in love with food. To deal with sitting still, to have a sense of movement, to form a fitness habit. For example, don’t sit still for a while at work and stand up for a few moments every once in a while. Choose a sport that you can stick to for a long time, and stick to it for a certain amount of time each day. Develop good habits in your daily life, such as choosing to climb the stairs instead of taking the elevator, sharing a bicycle instead of driving a car, etc.

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