The chief culprit of bowel cancer is bad living habits

Nine out of every 100 people develop bowel cancer. Before the peak of bowel cancer in the early 60s, but now early to 50 years old, or even earlier. Clinically, men and women in their twenties and thirties who are in the prime age of marriage are getting more and more colorectal cancer. Experts say most of them are the result of poor living. Professor Zhang Haibo, director of the Department of Oncology, Guangdong Provincial Hospital of traditional Chinese Medicine, will reveal the “cruel truth” of the younger age of colorectal cancer.


Six people per minute have cancer and bowel cancer in men and women, nearly a tenth of the time.

Epidemiological statistics show that the incidence of cancer in Europe and the United States, mortality has been declining, such as from 2004 to 2013, the average annual decline in intestinal cancer by 3% in the United States.

But in our country, the tumor did not see the inflection point, people still “talk about cancer color change”.

Six people are diagnosed with cancer every minute in our country, meaning that more than 10,000 people a day are told to face cancer.The National Cancer Center has recently released the top 10 cancers with lung, stomach and liver cancer in the top three, while colorectal cancer, male and female, has “entered” or neared the third place in the top 10 malignant tumors. The incidence of male was 8.59 and that of female was 9.08%.

Golden Age “bumps” into Non-genetic factors of intestinal Cancer.

“I used to see people in their 40s who had bowel cancer and thought,’it’s a pity to be so young, but it’s no longer a case of bowel cancer in my twenties and thirties. “Zhang Haibo said.

Medical experts have found that in the past, young patients with colorectal cancer were mostly associated with heredity and familial clustering, which is understandable because the intestinal chromosomes associated with colorectal cancer belong to dominant inheritance and are difficult to escape “fate.” Now, more and more young people in their 20s and 30s are “bumping” into bowel cancer at their prime age.

For example, Zhang Haibo met a 28-year-old middle manager of multinational companies, elite women, who had just been married for half a year to detect bowel cancer, pelvic cancer is very large, but also metastasized to the liver. Another 30-year-old male, a doctor from a prestigious American school, was also diagnosed with IIIC bowel cancer shortly after marriage.

There are also many young patients with bowel cancer, the common characteristic is that no one, whether paternal or matrilineal, have bowel cancer, the above male doctor is in the longevity family, grandparents, grandparents are 80 or 90 years old. That is to say, it is not the bowel cancer gene that is causing them trouble, but other factors.


Cause analysis.

The question of “why” is mostly because of “not having a good life.”

“Doctor, why do I have bowel cancer when I am so young? Zhang Haibo said, in fact, not only patients, the medical profession has noticed the incidence of bowel cancer younger, but also asked “why.”

Reason one: improper eating.

Among non-genetic factors, diet is undoubtedly the most important, “what do you like to eat?” Zhang Haibo first asked, and the answer is often “no wonder.” For example, he likes fried, high-calorie, high-sugar, high-fat foods, especially instant noodles and sticks.

These foods, like eating too much meat, are nutritious, and can easily cause genetic damage to bowel cancer and affect the balance of intestinal flora. The theory of traditional Chinese medicine holds that such improper diet can easily lead to phlegm, dampness, and damage to the healthy environment of the intestine. In addition, eating supper, do not eat breakfast habits are not good, people fall asleep in digestion, absorption and excretion, very hurt.

Reason two: stay up late.

Young bowel cancer patients almost always have a habit of staying up late, sleeping at two or three o’clock in the morning is a common practice, staying up for study, writing essays, playing games and even playing mobile phones. Chinese medicine says that “man is in harmony with nature.” Sleep is like a car that cannot keep running and needs to be extinguished and maintained from time to time. It has a regular and sufficient sleep to avoid damage to cells when they divide and grow. The mutation of APC, kRAS, NRAS, BRAF, RGFR, PIK3CA, PTEN was reduced.

Reason number three: the mood is out of tune.

Modern young people often study tense, work pressure, daily life in anxiety, depression and other emotional disorders, plus sedentary, smoking and drinking, and so on, the intestinal tract is also a “victim.”

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