Old people often play with the disadvantages of mobile phones.

Listen, play chess, brush weibo, chat WeChat, video chat… The eyes were “chained” to the phone for 12 hours a day, and for half a year, wang was dazed. The doctor examined him and told him it was too long.

Who lives in Qiao estuary, big ye, a 72 – year – old king of Chen jia pier at ordinary times he alert lady pays attention to the health care keeping in good health. Last September, a young grandson bought a smartphone to honor him. The grandson only taught for two or three days. Listen to the play, play chess, play CARDS, watch the news, brush weibo, video chat, the life of uncle wang suddenly became rich and colorful, no longer need to worry about the people to play.


The simple and fun game on the phone is addictive, and Mr. Wang doesn’t go out for exercise. He plays with his phone in his home every day, and often doesn’t sleep at 12 p.m. Recently, he was often dizzy, his arms numb and his eyes blurred. He hurried to the first hospital of the city to see a doctor. The examination revealed that the king was obviously deformed in the neck, and his vision was also reduced. After asking about his lifestyle in detail, doctors believe that the rapid decline in cervical spondylosis and vision is related to his excessive use of mobile phones.

Chen hui, director of the hospital’s geriatrics department, said that the popularity of smartphones has led to a growing number of people with “cell phone dependence”, who often encounter elderly people who have problems with their mobile phones. Compared with young people, the function of various organs in the elderly is declining, and it is more likely to cause or aggravate the original disease in the long time. Looking down for a long time, for example, can aggravate the cervical spondylosis, staring at the small mobile phone screen for a long time can lead to decreased vision and even blindness, lack of sleep can aggravate hypertension, long-term sit easy blood viscous trigger heart cerebrovascular accident, etc.

Chen hui warns that the elderly should not play more than two hours a day, not more than 10 minutes each time. He suggests that children should not only use social software or make phone calls to communicate with their parents. They should spend more time with their parents and take them home more often. Older people should take part in community activities, make more friends through card games or sports, and build more social circles.

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