How to prevent the three “occupational diseases” of teachers?

Because of the long standing lectern teaching, and often the desk work, laryngopharyngeal voice disease, cervical spondylosis, varicose veins are the three “occupational diseases” of this group of teachers.


Voice hoarseness is a common voice that teachers often encounter, which is related to overwork, long speech time and inappropriate pronunciation. Of guangdong, guangdong hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, said professor yun-ying li, director of the otolaryngology department teachers to prevent voice diseases, one should pay attention to not excessive singing, such as don’t continue to talk, every half an hour to have a rest for 10 minutes or 45 minutes, drink water more, avoid Shouting; Pay attention to your diet. For the teacher group, Fried, spicy and other hot food to eat less, frozen cold drinks and other easy to stimulate the throat is not suitable, tobacco and alcohol should be avoided; Third, try not to stay up late. In daily life, teachers can make use of the traditional Chinese medicine of the throat. For the teacher who has already appeared the symptom, the fat sea is commonly used to moisten the throat. However, the expert reminds, a week most bubble two or three times, the fat sea is cold, easy to hurt stomach, the person who is cold physique should not drink too much.


Cervical spondylosis is also one of the occupational diseases of teachers. Director of TCM doctor of traditional Chinese medicine of guangdong province, the second hospital professor de-hui fan pointed out that for long-term down at his desk working between teacher groups, maintain a good working attitude is very important. First of all, keep your chair and desk at a reasonable height: your hands are flat on the table without shrugging your shoulders, and your eyes can look straight at the computer screen. In this way, the neck and shoulders are maintained in a reasonable position, and it is not easy to be sore. Second, choose the right height for your pillow. Third, lack of exercise, neck pain, dizziness, numbness of hands and feet and other symptoms of cervical spondylosis may follow. Therefore, changing bad posture, taking time to exercise, is also very important to prevent cervical spondylosis. The sports suitable for cervical spondylosis include playing basketball, Chinese characters, swimming and so on.

Standing for long periods of time or sitting for a long time, varicose veins is also one of the teachers’ occupational diseases. Guangzhou city first people’s hospital of doctor of vice director of a breast vascular surgery Cai Wensong points out, for the teachers, if found himself on the leg have “little worm” varicose veins, will pay attention to, should pay close attention to progress, work at ordinary times, can wear stretch hose to alleviate daily activities. In daily lectures, help prevent varicose veins by alternating the body’s center of gravity from one foot to the other and walking slowly to avoid standing. Can also do leg massage more, help promote blood circulation.

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