How should eye skin problem nurse just good?

Eyes are the windows of our hearts. Having a pair of big and bright eyes can make us more confident and attractive. But our eye parts are relatively fragile, it is easy to appear a variety of problems, so we must do a good job in normal life eye skin care, in order to make their eyes become more God and people love. Let’s learn more about this:


So how should facial skin problem care?

Dry eye.

Go to work the eye of a person is very easy to appear dry acerbity phenomenon, because always look at a computer, the radiation that receives computer for a long time can cause eye dry astringent. If feel the phenomenon that the eye often appears dry, should supplement vitamin, want to eat carrot more in peacetime, carrot can play the role of liver care eye. In addition to eating carrots to ease, but also should be appropriate to let the eyes rest, in the feeling of eyes tired, should close the eyes for a rest.

Panda eye.

Panda eyes, which we call dark circles, often stay up late to form dark circles. The appearance of dark circles will affect the appearance of the eyes. To ease the dark circles, you can rub some cosmetics at ordinary times and don’t drink water before you go to bed at night.That is very easy to cause the symptoms of dark circles more obvious, but also pay attention to avoid staying up late, to ensure adequate sleep time.


Pouch is actually also a kind of oedema phenomenon, want to eat salt less in peacetime, want to avoid eating too salty food, drink less water before going to bed, can eat a few balsam gourd and wintermelon in peacetime to wait for dehumidification diuretic food, can alleviate the symptom of pouch of the eye.


Around the eye is very easy to appear wrinkles, so in peacetime eye skin cleaning is very important, and should pay attention to water measures, especially before sleeping must wipe eye cream and cream.

Wheat grain swelling.

Eye part can appear a few small Blain Blain, namely the wheat grain that we say is swollen, is lacrimal duct and conjunctival sac is inflamed cause, so should undertake anti-inflammatory treatment, had better not wear heavy makeup in peacetime, must remove makeup thoroughly in the evening.

Recommendations on eye protection

We know that eye skin health is very important, and it affects the face level as a whole. Especially, the eye skin is very delicate and prone to skin problems such as fine lines and acne, as well as problems such as black circles and pouch. Once these problems form it is very difficult to alleviate and eliminate so female friends in these problems before the formation should do a good job of preventive measures in peacetime to the eye skin hydration and moisturizing.

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