Why does hair keep falling?

Hair loss is a normal physiological phenomenon, because the hair is “replaced” by the hair follicle life cycle, and it grows again after the hair follicles enter the growth period. If the average number of hair follicles is less than 100 a day, there is no need for treatment. Just pay attention to maintenance! But why do you lose your hair?


1. Genetic factors.

Genetic factors are one of the biggest causes of hair loss. Some people may have good hair nutrition and no nursing problems, but they just keep losing their hair, which may be inherited from genetic hair loss. The principle of genetic alopecia is that it inherits a hair follicle with a congenital defect, which usually exists in the forehead and the top of the head. When the male hormone begins to increase in the body, the hair follicle is constantly stimulated by the male hormone and causes the hair follicle to shrink. And hair loss.

2. Hair care.

Not often shampoo, with irritant shampoo, often wearing hats, bad hair and so on will make hair worse, resulting in hair loss, this is the health of the hair do not understand, do not pay attention to the consequences. In addition, many people probably have perm hair dye experience, even perm dye addiction is not in the minority. Perm hair coloring will deeply damage the structure of human hair, so that the quality of hair rapidly worse, and even crazy hair loss. Also be careful not to use nylon comb and hair brush, because nylon comb and brush easy to produce static electricity, will bring bad stimulation to hair and scalp. The most ideal is to choose the yellow poplar comb and bristles head brush, can remove dandruff, increase hair gloss, can massage scalp, promote blood circulation.

3. Kidney deficiency.

Chinese medicine believes that hair loss caused by kidney deficiency, this is reasonable. The alopecia caused by kidney deficiency is mainly due to deficiency of qi and blood and hair loss caused by lack of nutrition. So, how should the patient of kidney deficiency alopecia treat? What should they pay attention to in their diet? Eat plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits containing alkaline substances. One of the causes of hair loss and yellowing of hair is the presence of acidic toxins in the blood, which is caused by physical and mental fatigue, long-term overconsumption of pure sugar and fatty foods, and the production of acid toxins during metabolism in the body. Liver, meat, onion and other foods in the acidic substances are easy to cause too much acid toxin in the blood, so eat less.

4. Diet.

Diet leads to hair loss there are two situations, one is a lack of nutrition, resulting in hair can not get adequate nutritional support, the other is unhealthy diet, resulting in damage to the balance of the human body, a lot of sub-health state, resulting in hair loss. No matter what kind of reason we want to avoid, the health of hair and diet are very important, must pay attention to. Today, the problem of alcohol consumption, hair loss phenomenon must be abstinent, white wine, especially hot white wine can make the scalp produce hot air and moisture, causing hair loss. Even beer, wine should be moderate, at least a week should let the liver “rest” two days (that is, stop drinking).

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