When is milk best to drink? Like to drink milk friends to bear in mind!

Milk is very nutritious, milk is rich in mineral types, in addition to what we know as calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, copper, manganese, molybdenum content is a lot.
So when is the best time to drink milk?


1.It’s not right to drink milk on an empty stomach for breakfast.

Milk has hypnotic sedative effect, the morning is people energy is vigorous study and work time, drink milk after making a person have the feeling that drowsiness, on the contrary study and work unfavorable, so had better not drink milk on an empty stomach in the morning.

1. Some adults have the habit of drinking milk in the morning.

This method is unscientific. The reason is that after a night’s sleep, people’s stomachs are already empty and ready to eat and digest food. And milk is fluid milk, gastric excretion faster.

2, drink milk on an empty stomach, have not been fully digested and absorbed in the stomach, have been discharged into the intestines to cause the loss of nutritional composition.

Milk contains a wealth of high-quality proteins, the main role of these proteins is to form new human tissues, but also to repair the original tissue.


2. Take care to drink milk for breakfast.

First of all, do not drink milk on an empty stomach in the morning, but instead drink milk after 1-2 hours after breakfast, there is food in the stomach to prevent the shortcomings of fasting milk;

The second is to drink milk before eating some of the more starch food, such as steamed bread;

Third, when drinking milk in the morning, you should eat some starchy foods such as steamed bun, rice, bread, biscuits, dim sum, etc. This will make the milk stay in the human stomach for a longer time, and the milk and gastric juice can be fully hydrolyzed by enzymes. So that protein can be digested and absorbed very well.

3.Drinking milk at night is good for rest and sleep.

It is best to drink milk at night, because it contains a biochemical substance, L-tryptophan, which can cause fatigue and sleep, as well as a small amount of morphine, all of which have a certain sedative and hypnotic effect. L-tryptophan, in particular, is the main source of hydroxyl color in the brain, and serotonin plays a key role in brain sleep. It temporarily suppresses brain activity and makes people want to sleep without any side effects. And milk glued on the stomach wall absorption, milk calcium can also clear tension, so it is more beneficial to the elderly sleep, so drink milk at night good, conducive to people’s rest and sleep.

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