What are the benefits and side effects of black sesame?


There are many effects of black sesame, but there are some side effects.

1. Black sesame seeds can make hair black and smooth, although it is advantageous to hair. Eating too much can speed up baldness. Excessive consumption causes endocrine disorder, the scalp produces oil, the fur wither, fall off. Therefore, black sesame should not be overeaten, half a teaspoon a day, usually not over a porcelain spoon.

2. People with poor appetite and poor feces should not eat more black sesame seeds.

3. People with chronic enteritis, should not eat more black sesame, sesame has diarrhea effect.

4. Black sesame can not be eaten with chicken, which can lead to food poisoning and death. So don’t eat chicken with sesame.

Black sesame seeds for health food, edible black sesame can have a lot of benefits to the body.

The efficacy and benefits of black sesame

  • The large amount of protein and vitamins in the black sesame, the function of liver and kidney, beneficial qi, filling the brain, can also be used to treat kidney deficiency, have good effect.
  • Under the action of vitamin E and vitamin B1, various amino acids in black sesame can improve the metabolism function of human body, and the vitamin E and iron in black sesame can prevent anemia and reduce blood lipid.
  • The fat in black sesame is unsaturated fatty acid, have the effect that prolong life. Regular consumption of black sesame seeds can effectively prevent gallstones, and it has the effect of longevity and brain health.
  • Black sesame has the function of inhibiting adrenal cortex; Black sesame seeds can inhibit the satiety of lipase.
  • Black sesame oil is applied to skin, which can reduce the stimulation and promote the recovery of inflammation. Black sesame seed can supplement nutrition, fat oil can moisten the intestines.

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