Take a look at this health guide for the May Day holiday

May 1 small long holiday is coming, in the warm and pleasant spring season, whether out or home, we must want to seize the tail of spring, eat and play heartily, “indulgence” a! So, from now on, adjust yourself to “vacation mode,” and before enjoy, take this healthy “feast” carefully prepared by the KKKhealth editor.


Eat-light diet, health first, pay attention to hygiene.

Eating is an important part of holidays. Small editor reminds everybody, although only 3 days short holiday, also do not too indulgence in the diet, eat too much, too full, too greasy is not beneficial to health.

Diabetes, high cholesterol and coronary heart disease of the population, do not borrow from the holiday feast, also do not eat more meat, eat less. Some people with diabetes think meat is protein, rice is polysaccharide, eat more meat will not cause blood sugar rise.In fact, sugar, protein, fat has their own intake ratio, the proportion of inappropriate, but also cause malnutrition, cause blood sugar fluctuations. In addition, the meat cholesterol, fat content is high, is not suitable for cardiovascular patients. Too greasy food should not be ingested too much, otherwise it will increase the burden of stomach and stomach, leading to various gastrointestinal diseases. Therefore, should eat more fresh fruits and vegetables; staple food should pay attention to coarse grain with, eat coarse grain; wine, strong tea, coffee and other strong food should also be controlled. In short, we should pay attention to the scientific and reasonable diet, to avoid exacerbation of the disease.

People who choose to travel should pay attention to food hygiene. Can provide meals according to the length of the journey, such as appropriate amount of cakes, fruits, milk, drinks and other convenient meals. Do not pick and eat wild mushrooms and wild plants that are unfamiliar with food that is as safe as possible or packaged in a sealed way. If you want to eat in a restaurant, choose something that is clean and hygienic. Diet should be light, pay attention to meat and vegetables with. Fried food should be controlled, try to eat steamed or boiled. Drink clean and sterilized water, do not drink mountain spring water.

People who drive long distances can eat more food to prevent fatigue in order to ensure the safety of driving. Such as vitamin B rich foods (such as carrots, cauliflower, celery, spinach, cabbage, potatoes and other yellow-green vegetables) and fresh fruit (such as apples, citrus, etc.). You can also eat some food rich in phenylethylamine caffeine (such as tea coffee bananas chocolate and so on) to excite the nervous system and resist sleepiness.

For homesteads, the use of holidays for food therapy is also a healthy leisure choice. According to the constitution appropriate intake, through the reasonable dietary allocation to improve immunity.Suggest can drink apple raw fish soup, Chinese wolfberry pig liver soup, sea cucumber pig blood bean sprouts soup to supplement nutrition, can eat the food that contains vitamin A more in addition, if animal liver, milk, egg wait, maintain normal vision. In view of the most likely to appear after the festival “liver fire” problem, Chinese medicine believes that green into the liver, can add more green leafy vegetables.


Sleep-black and white upside down, late sleep damage to health.

Small vacation comes, many friends have been ready for all kinds of all-night carnival, such as party singing, bubble bar, drama …. . These behaviors seem to be very pleasant and high, but in fact they seriously disrupt people’s rest time and can lead to a variety of discomfort in the body, such as weakened resistance, weakened judgment, slow thinking, poor coordination, and so on. Severe will also appear appetite loss, dyspepsia, immune function decline.

Many people mistakenly believe that “it will soon be possible to sleep up after staying up late.” In fact, sleep is a biological clock phenomenon, timing and high quality is indispensable. This kind of black and white upside down the behavior of sleep compensation is very harmful to human health, even if sleep more it is difficult to understand the feeling of fatigue. Some sensitive people can also have trouble falling asleep.

So during the holiday, kkkhealth editor suggested that it is best not to overnight entertainment, do not deliberately prolong and shorten sleep time. Sleep at night should not be too late, the morning should not be greedy sleep, should go to bed early, sleep time is generally 8 hours. If conditions are available, you can also take a rest at noon (no more than 1 hour of siesta).


Take a deep breath to prevent “road rage”

Small long vacation travel, road congestion, scenic spots are almost the standard “scenery.” The result of blockage and crowding is that it is urgent because of blockage, because it is urgent. Wang Yu-yin, director of rehabilitation medicine at the sixth affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University, recommended a set of “traffic jam exercises” from a health point of view. There were six movements: 1 and around the neck (turn your head to the right and inhale, then lower your head forward, and your chin as close as possible to your chest. Exhale at the same time, then turn your head to the left and inhale, stretch your shoulders (back straight, hands around your elbows, then raise your arms behind your head, lower your head, look down, take a deep breath for 5 times and stretch out your chest. Hold on to the back of the chair with both hands, push your chest forward as far as possible, turn your face 45 degrees upward (sit straight, shoulders sink, turn left with your belt, place your right hand on the steering wheel, and place your left hand back on the back. Then repeat this action in a different direction, lift your heel (hold your raised right knee in both hands, tip your toes down for 5 minutes, then change your left knee for 5 minutes, then press your wrist (press your hands on the steering wheel, palm down). Press gently to stretch your forearm and wrist.Then palm up, again light pressure).

Considering the feasibility of driving safely and doing exercises, Wang suggested that a shoulder neck relaxation should be considered as a result of the wide range of shoulder movements. Relax your shoulders with your elbows down, then slide your shoulders up and down, and finally relax your shoulders, eight times back and forth. The same action can also be done to stretch the back, lower the elbows shoulder relax, and then hard clamped both elbows, straight back, maintain 10 to 15 seconds.

If you feel that it is more complicated to turn around and lift your heel, you can make a balanced torso. Lower elbows, balance shoulders, then close chin, stretch your arms hard for 8 to 15 seconds, or do an abdominal-back contraction, relax lower back, contract psoas, straighten back, contract back, repeat several times. In addition, “around the neck” action may bring dizziness and other uncomfortable symptoms, is not conducive to safe driving. It is suggested that the head and neck flexion, extension and lateral flexion should be used in one direction, and each movement should be performed for 6 to 8 seconds.

In addition, the traffic jam for a long time will also make people anxious, irritable, easily lead to road rage, driving gas car. Li Zhong, director of the Department of Neurology at the sixth affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University, suggests that you can read newspapers and books, listen to the radio, keep your eyes shut and eat snacks to ease the problem. You can also try to take more deep breaths and listen to relaxed music to adjust your mood.


Exercise intensity varies from person to person and prevents respiratory and digestive tract diseases.

Taking advantage of the good weather, many people will choose to go hiking in the countryside. Small editor reminds, usually exercise less office workers or people with basic diseases, should pay attention to reduce the intensity.

If you do not often climb the mountain on weekdays, you should choose a hill with a gentle slope, so that you can adjust it in time during the interval of mountaineering. When mountaineering attention to reduce the load, hot weather timely supply of water.

If suffering from coronary heart disease, hypertension and other basic diseases, it is recommended to choose a lower elevation of the mountain, the speed should be slow. Carry the necessary drugs with you in case of sudden discomfort. It is best not to climb the mountain for those who have first recovered from a serious illness, lest their strength be overdrawn and exhausted. People with respiratory diseases, such as chronic bronchitis, asthma, etc., should avoid mountaineering. Older people, especially the elderly, should be accompanied by family members when climbing the mountain.

In addition, in outdoor activities, should do a good job in the prevention of respiratory infectious diseases, wash hands frequently, avoid having fever, cough, sputum and other respiratory symptoms close contact. Still want to do well the prevention of digestive tract infectious disease, especially when going out to play tired, sometimes cold and hot, human body resistance will decline, these will lead to high incidence of digestive tract diseases.

In fact, kkkhealth editor thinks, no matter where to travel, want to calm down heart, heart to feel, perhaps at the door of the small garden can find beautiful scenery. Even if you want to go to a scenic spot, you should arrange your travel plan reasonably, and keep calm about the situation of “crowded traffic” in order to make the travel full of fun. Perhaps, we can change the angle to let the body and mind relax, learn rational leisure. Such as staying with family or friends, chatting, watching the ball, basking in the sun, such as visiting the science and technology museum, art museum instead of crazy shopping to relieve the stress, edify the heart.


Watch out for postganglionic syndrome! Three moves to get you back to life.

After three days of eating and drinking and having fun, are you worried about the first day of work, listless, yawning, have to drink coffee to refresh.

“postganglionic syndrome” is a variety of physical or psychological manifestations that people appear after the holiday, such as feeling tired in a few days after the holiday, unable to raise their spirits, working and learning inefficiently, and even having unexplained nausea, anxiety, neurasthenia and so on. Shanxi Institute of traditional Chinese Medicine Professor Menjiuzhang said that postganglion syndrome is often caused by people’s holiday travel overworked.Many people go out without paying attention to rest, and their schedules and schedules are disrupted. In addition, overeating, resulting in a disorder of physical function. Once returned to the tense working environment, it is easy to mental and physical imbalance, the emergence of a variety of sub-health symptoms.

To cope with postganglionic syndrome, the key to regulate the physical and psychological state. Here are some ways to ease your recovery.

One is to adjust the rest, early to bed and early to rise. Let the body rest fully, as soon as possible to adapt to the pace of work. Get enough sleep and try not to drink strong tea and coffee after dinner. After meals, do some exercise properly, before falling asleep to relax your feet. If appear dizziness, insomnia many dreams, can gently massage the head, stroll, listen to soothing music, reading and reading newspaper adjustment body and mind.

Second, eat a reasonable diet and eat more vegetables. During the holidays, people tend to eat more, but also greasy, resulting in excessive burden on the stomach, which will not be able to lift the spirit. So in the days after the holiday, it is best to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, less big fish and meat. You can also add some coarse food, eat more cereals, in balanced nutrition, but also to help the damaged stomach and stomach recovery.

Eat some of the appropriate A healthy product that helps digestion or Hawthorn slices, as far as possible to eat light food, clean up the stomach. If the journey back, dry tongue, loss of appetite, red eyes, toothache, oral ulcers, corner of the mouth from herpes and other “internal fire” symptoms, can eat tea fruit, adjust mood to alleviate.

Third, adjust the mentality, step by step. After a long holiday, immediately put into very stressful work, will increase anxiety, exacerbated “postganglionic syndrome” symptoms. Therefore, a few days after the end of the holiday, it is not appropriate to immediately arrange high-intensity work, preferably a buffer adjustment period. At the same time, should give oneself some psychological hint, tell oneself vacation is over, return to normal condition step by step. In addition, after the end of the holiday, appropriate physical exercise, such as fast walking, running, swimming, rope skipping and so on, to help cheer up the spirit.

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