Snore, bad breath, why do people always “do not know”?

Why don’t snoring people wake up by their snoring? Have halitosis, the person that smelly why oneself can’t smell the smell on the body?Why do people always fail to see their own problems?


Perhaps everyone has such an experience: sleeping in a room with others, that person’s snoring is like thunder, rattling through the clouds, shock you think, blood surging, but he is not moved, still sleep intoxicated. This is the best time to think about life and some strange questions, such as: why don’t people wake up by their snoring? Have halitosis, the person that smelly why oneself can’t smell the smell on the body? Why don’t people who speak loudly in public feel noisy?Why do people always fail to see their own problems?
Today, let’s take a serious look at the answers to these mysterious questions!


Why don’t you wake up by your snoring?

Snore, bad breath, why do people always “do not know”?

Sleep stage is divided into five periods: sleep period, shallow sleep period, deep sleep period, rapid eye movement period. Snoring often occurs at the depth of sleep, where people are the least likely to wake up, so the general snoring person can’t hear his snoring, and what’s more irritating is that when he wakes up, you tell him, “Hey,” You just snore a lot, you know? “he will often face a confused answer to you:” I do not know ah, impossible ah, I have never snoring!

However, there are always exceptions, sometimes people will suddenly be a violent gasp to break the rhythm of snoring, the body can not counteract too much noise, people will be snoring or “apnea” and wake up.

In fact, the human body will make a lot of noise, such as breathing, speech and so on, but our body has various mechanisms that enable us to ignore the noise emitted by the body.

So with regard to snoring, if you want to protest against snoring with your roommate Battleta, remember to keep the evidence on video. Or let the long years heal you: one day when you can’t hear the other person snoring, you find yourself unable to sleep.

Why can’t people smell what they send out?

This question, in fact, can be explained with an old saying: “if you enter the orchid Zhi’s room, you will not smell its fragrance for a long time; if you enter the abalone shop, you will not smell it for a long time.” “can not understand, can be understood as” go to the toilet squat long, can not smell the smell of what “.

What we say is that we are tired of smell, habit of smell, or adaptation of smell. Why do you have olfactory fatigue? Let’s first look at how smell works:

At the back of the human nasal cavity, about seven centimeters above and behind the nostrils, there is a special cellular tissue called olfactory epithelium. These cells connect to the olfactory bulb through olfactory neurons in the brain. There is a receptor cell at the end of each neuron, and when the micromolecules circulate in the air, or when the molecules are broken down during chewing, the molecules come into contact with the receptor cells and attach, once they are attached. It produces electrical signals that transmit neurons to the brain. When the brain receives a signal, it makes people smell it.

Having understood the principle of smell, it became clear for a long time not to smell the smell: when smell sends smell information to the brain, if the person does not leave the environment, the original smell does not change in concentration. The brain blocks this smell signal and prepares to receive new information. Therefore, the body taste of the person adapted to their own taste, in the mind to screen their own taste.

Another explanation for not smelling your own bad breath is this: oral odors move directly in front of them, while nostrils tend to smell directly below their nostrils, so people can’t sense their odour correctly.

Why do people always “do not know”?

Why can’t people always see, hear or smell their own problems? Or why do people always “feel good about themselves”? In fact, self-overestimation is a common psychological tendency of human beings. Some scholars think that self-feeling is good, which is helpful to improve people’s self-confidence and improve their psychological comfort, which is a means of self-protection evolved by human beings.

Generally speaking, people with mental health tend to think they are better than others around them, and this ego is certainly called the “illusion of superiority”. The more melancholy the person, the weaker this illusion, but the more objective understanding of themselves.

It is common for humans to feel good about themselves, so when you are dissatisfied with someone else’s self-knowledge, be honest and tell him directly, because when he finds out, you may already be angry

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