Liquor, red wine, beer, which kind of wine is most harmful to liver?

It is closely related to alcohol consumption, which is closely related to alcohol consumption. Any alcohol contains alcohol, and drinking too much can harm the body.

People drink mainly white wine, beer and wine. The alcohol content of liquor is 38% ~ 60%, and the alcohol content of wine is 11% ~ 16%. Beer has a lower alcohol content, usually 3 to 5 percent. The occurrence of alcoholic liver disease is closely related to the alcohol content of alcohol, which is more likely to lead to alcoholic liver disease than wine or beer.

If alcohol is equal, from the point of view of nutrition, relatively higher nutrition of red wine, red wine, tannins, resveratrol, to soften the cardiovascular, prevent disease of heart head blood-vessel has certain benefits, but also need to moderate.


The second is beer, which is made from large malt, hops, and water as the main raw material, which is made from the fermentation of yeast, which is a low-alcohol wine with carbon dioxide, which is called “liquid bread”. Moderate consumption of beer can stimulate the spleen and increase appetite, but do not overeat, or increase alcohol intake, which can damage the liver and kidneys.

Finally it is white spirit(Liquor) , its alcohol degree is high, must control the quantity, otherwise white wine is the most injury liver! Normally, when alcohol enters the body, it can be absorbed about 10 minutes into the bloodstream. When alcohol enters the bloodstream, it is transported to the liver for alcohol metabolism, but excessive alcohol can cause liver damage!

The Chinese nutrition society recommends that adult males consume no more than 25 grams of alcohol a day, while adult women consume no more than 15 grams of alcohol per day. Each 15g of alcohol was compared to 450ml of beer, 150ml wine and 30ml of liquor.

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