It’s easy to be happy, just do these little things.

Although we don’t worry about food and clothing, we can travel around the streets, and can also experience the fun of the Internet, but there are many people who find it difficult to get a feeling of happiness, so they think they are not happy. Mental health experts say it’s easy to be happy, just do the following four things.


Do exercise even if you’re busy: Danish researchers found that people who enjoyed jogging and other activities had 70 fewer stress levels than sedentary people and complained less in their lives. As long as you smoke 17-34 minutes of moderate exercise every day, your sense of happiness increases quickly.

There are two best friends: a recent survey found that two of the 654 adults who were married had the best mental health. If there are more than two friends, happiness does not increase.

Sex is harmonious: Andrew Wahwey, University of Warwick, UK? Dr. Oswald’s study found that close physical contact is an important component of happiness. Married people have 30 more sex lives than singles, so they’re happier.

Live close to happy people: socializing with happy people also makes you happier. If this person lives close to you, within 800m, it will increase your happiness by 42%; if you live more than 3200 meters, it will decrease by 22%.

Have a sister or sister: a new study by the British Psychological Society says women with sisters or sisters have more social support and are generally more optimistic and problem-solving. This is because sisters are more likely to support and communicate with each other than brothers, thus increasing cohesion.

People who like to laugh and show their teeth when they take pictures from an early age are less likely than others to fail in marriage as adults, according to a study by American psychologists. Therefore, keep smiling is also the source of happiness, the root of happiness. If you feel unhappy all the time, do something that makes you laugh!

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