How do you protect your liver?

Modern life rhythm is fast, high pressure, and bad habits, and so on factors causing liver burden is getting heavier and heavier, directly led to high rates of liver diseases, and courage as long as there is a problem, in general is not a small problem. In fact, we can avoid this kind of problem by doing very small things, or paying a little attention to it.


How to nourishing the liver:

1.Drink plenty of water. Replenish body fluids, enhance blood circulation, promote metabolism, facilitate digestion, absorption and elimination of waste, reduce metabolic products and toxins to liver damage.

2. Raise awareness of alcohol: the liver’s ability to metabolize alcohol is limited.

3.Eat a balanced diet: eat lots of fresh vegetables, fruits, not overeating or starving.

4. In a buoyant mood: liver dislikes hydrophobic depressive, so angry angry easily lead to liver qi perform poorly and day for into a disease, to anger, try to be calm, optimistic and cheerful, make something out, diseases with normal germinal, shun.

5. Moderate exercise: walking, taijiquan, etc., can ensure the human body qi and blood flow, promote the new, strong body, and can enjoy nourishing the liver, to achieve the goal of protecting liver.

6. Loose clothing: loose clothing allows the body to expand, and the air and blood will not fill up. The liver qi blood is smooth, the body must be strong.


Sometimes, of course, may also help that we can use some regimen, with diet can also to our liver has a very good control, prevent liver health problems, and even some small problems can be addressed by diet. The diet regimen is as follows:

Group: three red dates, 10 grams of cassia, 10 grams of fructus schisandra, 5 grams of goji berries,

Explanation: daily to the liver function bad person drink date water, lasting 1 week can reach the effect that protect liver detoxification.

Cassia seed is one kind of medicinal herbs, also known as cassia occidentalis, is the apple of the eye, shit beans, mung beans, water chestnut, senecio, for leguminous plant the seed of tree or small tree, taste bitter, sweet, surprised, have clear something, (, kidney bright eye, and other functions. It is the perfect drink for computer, TV and other electronic products.

In terms of the symptoms such as binocular dryness, blurred vision, dizziness, and visual fatigue due to deficiency of liver and blood, Chinese wolfberry also has certain relief effects. Daily long use of the computer caused by the eye fatigue and other symptoms, the Chinese wolfberry water drinking can nourish Yin Ming. In addition, when the weather is relatively hot, also can use bubble water to drink the method to clear the liver fire.

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