Four kinds of food are bad but can prolong life

A bowl of fragrant rice and a thick steamed bread placed in front of you, which would you choose? Between a piece of watermelon and a piece of grapefruit, which one would you choose to make after meals? When you see onions and garlic on the table, will you ignore them? In life, we often love those sweet, fine, fragrant food, do not like bitter, rough, light taste of food. And it is precisely in these poor taste of food, there are unexpected nutrition and health elements.


Rough food.

Some people prefer fine scented rice and white flour products to brown rice and burrowed heads because they eat “throats”. In fact, the “throat” is the valuable dietary fiber, it can stimulate intestinal peristalsis, help defecate, and change the type and number of intestinal microbes, reduce carcinogen production. Dietary fiber is widely found in coarse foods, including whole grains of rice, wheat and mixed beans, such as brown rice, oats, red beans and so on. In order to prevent constipation and bowel cancer, you should ensure daily intake of 20-30 grams of dietary fiber. It is suggested that the traditional rice porridge should be abandoned for breakfast, and the cereals porridge and fine white rice should be changed into whole wheat steamed bread.

Astringent food.

The presence of tannins phytic acids and oxalic acid makes food astringent because they bind and precipitate with saliva proteins in the mouth causing saliva to lose lubricity and the skin of the tongue shrinks producing astringency. However, these substances have strong antioxidant properties, and are beneficial to the prevention of diabetes and hyperlipidemia. For example, olive, purple grape skin, apple peel, walnut peel, they all have stronger antioxidant than pulp.Suggest apple and grape had better take skin to eat together, eat walnut kernel do not remove that layer of brown skin.


Sour food.

And sweet orange, watermelon, banana, love to eat fruit, Hawthorn and other sour fruit is relatively less. In fact, the sour taste of this kind of fruit mainly comes from organic acids such as citric acid and malic acid, which can promote the absorption of iron and other minerals. If you feel sour foods taste bad, you can make them into fruit soup, add a small amount of sugar, refrigerated, will greatly improve the taste.

Bitter food.

Natural bitter substances in food also have some health effects, such as naringin in lemon and grapefruit, tea polyphenols in tea, polyphenols in red wine and polyphenols in chocolate, Are all ingredients that help prevent cancer and heart disease. Bitter gourd quinine essence, but also improve human immunity, help control blood sugar. Therefore, the fruit must be accompanied by eating, not just eat sweet, but also eat some bitter, sour. Eat grapefruit skin, do not throw away, can be cut into strips to make honey tea-teas. For Momordica charantia, blanch it with hot water and dip it in honey.

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