Does eating Jujube really fight cancer?

Don’t underestimate the jujube we usually use as a snack, jujube nutrition is very comprehensive, can be used as food and medicine. Jujube in the strict sense should be a fruit, fresh raw jujube taste delicious, and the Chinese jujube medicine is dried after the big jujube. Jujube has the function of tonifying qi and nourishing blood. In recent years, medical scientists have found that jujube has a good anticancer effect, and eating jujube can treat many kinds of cancer.


Effect and function of Zizyphus jujuba.

One, often eat big jujube can prevent anaemia: the person that qi blood is insufficient can eat big jujube more, especially when white blood cell, red blood cell, platelets is on the low side, big jujube can be taken as the food of auxiliary therapy, have the effect of tonifying blood.

Second, jujube has the function of invigorating spleen and nourishing stomach: usually, it often eats jujube mud, and it has certain conditioning function to some people whose gastrointestinal function is not particularly good.

Third, prevention of osteoporosis: jujube contains rich calcium and iron, for some elderly and postpartum women, often drink jujube soup can prevent osteoporosis and anemia.

4. The effect of jujube on blood vessels: jujube contains a substance called cyclic adenosine monophosphate, which can resist blood vessels and prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

5. Jujube has the effect of preventing and treating cancer inflammation: for some patients with hepatitis, it is very beneficial to eat a few jujube tablets a day; patients with liver cirrhosis and patients with high serum aminotransferase activity can drink more red jujube soup. The serum alanine aminotransferase level was reduced effectively.

Six, date has the effect of Yan: for female friends, date has the role of delaying aging and beauty, every day eight dates, the face never old!


Anti-cancer effect of Zizyphus jujuba.

Jujube contains rich nutrition, can improve human immunity, improve liver function, jujube in a large number of vitamins can improve the mood of people, so that patients emotional stability, enhance disease resistance.

Jujube has the function of replenishing the five Zang organs: for some liver cancer patients, eating more jujube can maintain the normal liver function.

Jujube has the effect of replenishing qi and blood: lung cancer patients can also eat a few big jujube every day because of deficiency of qi.

Jujube has a spleen to nourish the stomach: for some stomach cancer and bowel cancer patients can eat jujube soup every day, has the effect of increasing appetite, but also can effectively prevent constipation, ease the disease.

Jujube contains abundant vitamins and proteins, which has certain effect on cancer prevention and anticancer and maintaining the function of human viscera organs.

Matters needing attention in edible jujube.

Eating jujube should not be excessive, because jujube can be said to be a sweet food. Eating too much jujube can easily cause gas inflation and cause gastrointestinal discomfort. Eating raw jujube is actually more nutritious than eating cooked jujube.
Because the high temperature heating will destroy the jujube inside the nutrients and various vitamins.

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