Can you eat cucumbers with high blood sugar?

Cucumber not only taste crisp and refreshing, but also rich in vitamins and trace elements, is conducive to supplement the body needed nutrients, deeply loved by the majority of friends. Namely can eat raw, can clear fry or make soup again, have rich nutrition value, moreover, the calorie of cucumber is low. So, can high blood sugar eat cucumber?


The answer is yes. Cucumber enzymes contained in cucumber have strong biological activity, which can effectively promote the metabolism of the body. Cucumber contains glucoside, fructose and other do not participate in the usual sugar metabolism, proper consumption of cucumber, blood sugar will not rise, or even lower. And cucumber contains propanedioic acid, can inhibit the conversion of carbohydrates into fat.

In addition, the cellulose in cucumber can promote the removal of spoilage substances and reduce cholesterol, promote intestinal peristalsis, accelerate waste excretion, and improve human metabolism. Thus play a positive role in reducing blood sugar, and, cucumber contains vitamin B1, to improve the brain and nervous system function, can calm the mind, assist in the treatment of insomnia.

Therefore, high blood sugar can eat cucumbers. Moderate consumption of cucumber, can reduce the role of blood sugar, is conducive to the control of high blood sugar level to maintain stability. But also should not eat more, after all, cucumber sex cold, if excessive edible, easy to cause diarrhea, bring adverse effects to the human body.

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