A particular cancer that can be heartbreaking!

Now everyone is concerned about cancer such as stomach cancer, lung cancer, in fact, mental health experts believe that people also need to pay attention to another kind of special cancer, that is, cancer. It is a psychological disease, ah, to the body and mind of people into a huge injury, ah, with the lovelorn, patients will feel heart pain like torn lungs. So, what are the symptoms of cancer?


1. Detoxification reaction.

During detoxification, people experience a series of strong reactions, such as vomiting, nausea and hallucinations. But when lovelorn is sad and excessive also can appear this kind of reaction similar to detoxification, because love is like drug to them can become addicted generally, when break up, can appear similar to detoxification reaction. Such as vomiting, nausea, daydreaming, recalling the past, prone to hallucinations.

2. Depression, anxiety and insomnia.

After people break up, depression and anxiety disorders follow, and even insomnia, which is even worse in people who are already deprived of sleep. Psychologists say that after falling in love, you are usually shocked, then denied, followed by sadness, self-reproach, fear, and even depression, before you can get out of pain.

Women make up a large proportion of this group. Because women are more susceptible to emotional influence, when the need for family and friends to open up, if necessary need psychological guidance psychiatrist. Let time and new relationships be the cure for forgetting the past.

3. Body pain.

Intense emotional pain stimulates the whole body’s neural network to cause pain, so breaking up is like being perforated.

Some experts have done experiments to compare the MRI images before and after seeing photos of former lovers and found that there is an overlapping shadow, which is the part that sends nerve signals. And that part is stimulated by something that sends a signal, causing pain in a certain part of the body. Most of them feel pain, very little tingling.

4. Heart attack.

When you break up, your body is filled with the stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline, which can cause your heart to beat faster and cause arrhythmia.

The study found that most of the people who died after a breakup had a heart attack, while men were worse off by not taking care of themselves, eating, exercising and not seeing a doctor.

Psychological experts have found that when a person lovelorn a few weeks, the hypothalamus will secrete a very special substance, it will not increase appetite, but will play an inhibitory role. Therefore, the person with cancer of feeling, also can appear the symptom of loss of appetite, indigestion.

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