Women’s health care: women should carefully clean the two body parts

Although the body is wrapped in clothes every day, but the body will sweat, will also discharge other substances, so the body is very dirty. If the body is not cleaned frequently, dirty things will damage human health. To this, small make reminds, the body has a few parts to be quite dirty, suggest that the woman must be sure to go to clean seriously, and had better wash a wash every day yo.


Women need to clean these two parts of the body seriously.

1. Nipples.

Women in the cleaning of the breast, often just simply rub the skin surface, the surface of some dirt scrub even if it is done. In fact, the most important step to clean the breast, should not be ignored is to wash the nipple. Because the nipples often secrete some substances, and some women’s nipples a bit concave, which makes it particularly easy to accumulate dirty things. If you don’t wash carefully, these dirty things may be slowly deep into the breast, and even induce inflammation yo.

Suggest when washing breast, want to rub nipple gently with the hand, but also do not too hard, otherwise can injure delicate it. Then rinse with warm water once or twice, and then dry with a soft, unshredded towel. Pay attention to wipe dry towel do not use defilament serious, otherwise these silk filaments are likely to accumulate in the nipple, thereby aggravating inflammation yo.

2. Vulva.

This area is particularly dirty mainly because it is very close to the urethra and anus and therefore urine and stool residues may be moved to the vulva. Plus vulva is the exposed part of the vagina, therefore, vaginal discharge, the possibility of adhering to the vulva is very high.

And each menstrual blood outflow, there will be a considerable part of the blood remains in the vulva surface. Moreover underwear and vulva contact directly, if underwear does not wash clean words, also can bring dirty thing to vulva. In addition, vulva by underwear and pants wrapped every day, often this part of the temperature is relatively high, so more easily sweating, therefore, there are many sweat will adhere to the vulva.

These dirty things add up, do not use finger to calculate can know vulva each day to want to contact how many dirty things. These filthy things are the culprit of germs. Therefore, women must carefully clean the vulva, these dirty things as much as possible to wash off. Reduce the time they attach to the surface of the vulva, reduce the possibility of inflammation of the vulva.


How a woman cleans her body.

Bathing is one of the most comprehensive ways a woman can clean her body. Only when the body is cleaned can bacteria not grow and the body be less likely to be attacked by disease. Therefore, women should come and learn how to bathe quickly:.

1. Pay attention to the number of baths.

Although bathing helps clean the body of dirt, it is not as frequent as possible. If washed N times a day, it will only make your skin worse. Excessive cleaning can lead to insufficient fat that is beneficial to the skin, which weakens the skin’s protective barrier.

It is recommended that the hot weather every day on the good, sweating feel particularly sticky on the body, the most two will be enough, do not go to shower at a free time yo.

2. Pay attention to the temperature of the bath.

Although taking a hot bath helps your body’s blood flow, it’s not that the warmer the water is, the better. Because the skin is very fragile, the water temperature is too high will only burn the skin. May even cause the whole body epidermis vasodilation too big, thus appears the situation which the heart and brain blood flow reduces appears, thus the anoxia problem will follow one after another.

3. Pay attention to the use of soap.

Some people in the bath, not used to smear bath dew clean the body, but like to use soap to clean the body. It’s a personal habit. There’s nothing wrong with it. But small weave reminds, the skin that different soap suits is different, so women want to choose according to own skin when buying soap. For example, the skin of women with more oil, dirt tends to be more. Suggest choosing hard soap, because this kind of soap foam is more, clear dirty thing ability is stronger.

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