Three features of the foot predict longevity

Foot in our body at the bottom, so cause a lot of people ignore the importance of it, is found that the foot pain or discomfort often found before, but you can know the feet and is closely related to our life, we can also come up from his feet to understand their health situation, today small make up take you together to get to know the foot heel pain and linen respectively what reason is caused?


Feet meridians is the most in all the body organs, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, feet, qi and blood, viscera, inside and outside, its importance is quite prominent, also known as “the second brain”, visible it how important it is, if you want to know their own health, it to you by looking at the foot of the change of the temperature, color to understand.
Foot color.

The disease differentiation of five colors is one of the contents of traditional Chinese medicine, and the five colors are green, red, yellow, white and black. According to Chinese medicine, the normal foot soles are slightly red, if the red is very obvious, there may be heat; if the color is green, there may be cold; if there is abnormal yellow, there may be liver and gallbladder disease; if the hair is white, in addition to the cold syndrome, May also be malnutrition and anemia; if purple or black, may have poor blood circulation. Appear above symptom, should go to hospital in time to see a doctor.



Old people feet easy to cool, more for the deficiency of kidney yang or inadequate warmth, this kind of people should eat some of the warm food, such as mutton, garlic, ginger and so on, in order to improve the body cold tolerance. If the foot heart is hot, it may be Yin deficiency heat, should eat more mung bean, winter melon, lean meat and other cool moisturizing products, eat less mutton, leek, chili and other warm dry products.


The average healthy person has a healthy pink toenail and a crescent on the toenail, which is about a fifth of the length of your toenail, if you find your toenail is pale and has no blood. Consider whether you are malnourished or anaemic, but you should pay more attention to your diet and make sure you get plenty of calories every day.

If you have vertical stripes on your toenails that indicate your body is weak and disease-resistant, you should take part in more physical exercise to avoid sitting for a long time and strengthening your body.

Professor Liu Zhengtang, geriatric center of Xiyuan Hospital, Chinese Academy of traditional Chinese Medicine, said that the elderly can strengthen their health by massaging the soles of their feet and grabbing the ground with their toes. Stand or sit, feet close to the ground, shoulder width, toes in a way of grasping and relaxing, alternately stimulate meridians; practice using two toes and three toes to clip things, then repeatedly pull the toes up or down, and massage the toes at the same time, Can stimulate foot points, health.

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