These four bad habits do damage to the kidneys.

Dirty is one of the internal organs of the human body, Chinese medicine said that “protect the kidney can live long,” so male friends should take good care of their kidneys. Summed up the top 4 kidney injury habits, if you still adhere to these bad habits, then I am sorry for their kidneys.


4 habits can easily damage your kidney.

1. Often hold back urine.

Urine in the bladder for a long time can reproduce bacteria, bacteria retrograde through the ureter to the kidney, leading to urinary tract infection and pyelonephritis. Once repeated attacks, can cause chronic infection, not easy to cure.

2. Eat seafood and drink beer.

Eat a large number of high-protein diet, such as big fish and meat, will produce too much uric acid and urea nitrogen and other metabolic waste, increasing kidney excretion burden. And heavy drinking is easy to lead to hyperuricemia, these habits can also lead to hyperlipidemia and other metabolic diseases, leading to kidney disease. Many people like to drink beer while eating seafood, a method once described by kidney physicians as “the most hurtful way to eat the kidney”.

3. Overdose of drugs and drugs.

Long-term use of nephrotoxic drugs may lead to tubulointerstitial damage. These drugs include Chinese herbal medicines containing aristolochic acid, such as Aristolochia mandshurica, Gangfangji, green wood, etc., as well as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotics, such as pain removal tablets, paracetamol, and so on, which can easily cause kidney damage.

4.Stay up late, eat salty, do not drink water.

Long stay up late, work pressure is high, love to drink strong tea and coffee, very easy appear kidney function problem. But the eating habit is salty, can cause the blood pressure to rise, the kidney blood cannot maintain the normal flow, thus induces the kidney disease. If you do not drink water for a long time, urine will be reduced, urine with waste and toxins will increase, easily lead to kidney stones, hydronephrosis and so on.

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