The sweeter the orange, the better the anticancer effect.

Eating citrus can help fight cancer. One theory is that the more sweet an orange is, the better it will be. Is that true? Why is tangerine more sweet anticancer effect the better?


The more sweet an orange, the better the anti-cancer effect?

Citrus is able to fight cancer because it contains a lot of beta-zeaxanthin. The higher the sugar content of citrus, the higher the content of beta-maize, the better the anti-cancer effect. In addition, even if the citrus is dried and stored, the content of the beta-corn yellow will not change. People who eat two sweet oranges a day get good anticancer effects.

A common way to eat oranges.

1. Orange jelly

Remove the meat from the tangerine peel and leave 100g of the pulp. The remaining pulp USES the tool to extract fresh juice and filter out the pure juice with a filter. Wash the strawberries and the gelatine with a little juice. Dissolve the gelatine powder into liquid with water, keep the gelatine powder in warm water, and keep the gelatine powder. After the juice is completely cooled, pour the juice into a bottle full of flesh and freeze it overnight in the fridge.

2. Orange sugar water

Peel the orange and tear off the white meridian. Add water to the pan and add water to the skillet. Heat it in a small fire. Simmer for 20 minutes, then put it in the refrigerator.

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