The sudden death rate is so high! These are the top 10 most dangerous jobs in China…

Stay up late, eat irregular, sleep and sleep disorders… These are the “labels” of high-risk industries, media, police, health care workers, IT practitioners, students… These industries are on the high risk “death list”. What should we pay attention to in the face of high-risk professions?


Sorry! The 28-year-old woman died of liver cancer.

Wang yashan, a hebei journalist who worked as an editor at a well-known media company, will no longer update her weibo account on Thursday, leaving her with liver cancer at the age of 28. On March 7, she wrote on weibo, “the countdown to life!” Let millions of people cry. Working overtime, staying up late, from fatigue to cancer requires only 4 steps. “I’m an example,” wang said.

What’s more shocking is that wang is not the only media person who died. Just in the past month, three media people have passed away!

On April 26, an investigative journalist, Yin hongwei, died of illness at the age of 43.

On May 3, ren jie, director of the editorial center of mianyang daily, died suddenly in his sleep at the age of 42.

On May 3, the chengdu all-search news network reporter jiang jun died at the age of 41.

Lose! China’s top 10 high-risk professions.

Sudden death has occurred in recent years. To summarize the ten sudden death risk industries, and interview relevant experts to interpret. Although the rankings can’t be taken directly and directly, they can help you re-examine your life and work. Have you seen your profession on the list?

Mad men

In May 2013, li zheng, a 24-year-old employee of ogilvy & mather China in Beijing, died. As early as July 2008, Lin zongwei, then the head of Beijing’s omei customer group, died of a heart attack.

Risk factors: the deputy director of the heart and lung center of Beijing military district general hospital and professor yu bin said that more than half of the white-collar workers are overtired and tired. An online poll shows that advertising designers are at the top of the list of jobs that often work overtime.

Suggestion: body call tired want to rest. It is understood that li zheng had been working overtime for a month without rest, and worked until 11 o ‘clock in the evening. One week before the onset of illness, the young man was already suffering from physical discomfort. In fact, fatigue is often an alarm signal, it reminds the body is overloaded, this time should be stopped and the brain empty, adjust the working rhythm, not to add fuel to the fire of body and mind, health even life in performance.

White angels

In November 2008, guo yuda, a 44-year-old brain surgeon from guangdong province, died of viral myocarditis. In November 2012, anhui orthopaedic doctor wang yaofei died suddenly, less than 35 years old.

Risk factors: daytime night shift, outpatient clinic, time on the operating table… The special vocation mission requires that the medical staff should not have any “mistakes” in their work. They are nervous, often overbrain and lack of sleep.

Suggestion: take time to add “positive energy”. Focus on your health, find opportunities in your busy life, and make beneficial adjustments to your body and mind.

The network owner

In July 2012, the 24-year-old taobao shop owner, ai jun, died of overwork in his sleep. Three months later, a 29-year-old Internet owner surnamed xu died suddenly and his daughter was just two years old.

Risk factor: every day when you open your eyes, you will eat, pack and ship the computer. You will also have the conversation, consultation and questioning of the buyer in your head while you sleep. The seemingly fresh and simple occupation of online stores is almost a “24-hour working system”.

Suggestion: keep a regular schedule. Can make a relatively regular schedule, such as breakfast eggs, milk, half an hour to take a nap at noon, the afternoon to eat snacks, go out walk, turn off the computer before 12 o ‘clock in the evening to rest, don’t put the pressure on all together.

IT engineer

In March 2015, zhang bin, a 36-year-old IT man from shenzhen, was found dead on a hotel toilet, and he sent his last work email at 1am. It is reported that he often works overtime until 5am and then goes back to work. The day before he died, he said to his mother “too tired”.

Risk factors: according to data released by the Asia health research center of the Shanghai academy of social sciences, the average age of “karoshi” in the IT class is only 37.9 years old. Long time to computer programming, assessment, debugging, every day a posture in the chair.

Tip: exercise in the office. IT is very necessary for the IT family to “move” themselves.


People in the media

In May 2011, liu jian, a 28-year-old reporter from zhengzhou, died of a heart attack. In August 2012, CCTV football commentator tao wei, 46, died.

Risk factors: in the second Chinese urban health survey, sponsored by the Chinese medical association and other institutions, the media entered the fourth place in the overdraft industry. Life follows the news, many journalists often work overtime, day and night.

Advice: focus on health “traffic lights”. Professor ge ming-bo, director of the department of cardiology at the zhongshan hospital affiliated to fudan university, said that many of the causes of heart problems in young people are too much stress and unhealthy lifestyles. Tao wei, for example, has been on a long journey since the taping of the program, and has been on a long journey.


The people’s police

In March 2010, a police chief in miyun county, Beijing, died in his office at the age of 34. Half a month later, a 41-year-old civilian police officer died suddenly in haidian district.

Risk factors: more than 60 police officers manage 120,000 people in the area where jiang is located, and the police force is severely inadequate. According to a survey by the ministry of public security, police officers work an average of 12 hours a day, and many of them want to “sleep”. Both the great detective and the small police are busy, stressed, and can only rely on smoking to refresh themselves.

Advice: stop smoking and drink less. Smoking, drinking, and staying up late can cause irreversible damage to blood vessels, which can lead to sudden cardiovascular problems.


Front-line workers

In January 2010, a 19-year-old young worker in henan died suddenly. In June of the same year, another 23-year-old worker, Chen long, died while taking a bath in his dormitory.

Risk factors: the Chinese medical association released the list of China’s top 10 health overdraft industries, with manufacturing topping the list. Boring and depressing work environment, repetitive mechanical action, economic pressure, etc., make it a high risk position for health.

Suggestion: regular physical examination is indispensable. Sudden cardiac death can be caused by a variety of cardiac causes, with sudden loss of consciousness in the first hour, leading to natural death.


Many students

In May 2013, Yin xiuzhu, a female student at the business school of east China university of political science and law, suddenly fell on the track and died while exercising at night. In April 2012, zhang jindong, a sophomore at xi ‘an jiaotong university, died in his physical education class.

Risk factors: China’s centre for health education in college students more than 10 cities in the country in 2011, according to data from the survey the current situation of college students’ diet and sports, 50.2% of college students under the recommended daily amount of exercise. At ordinary times, immerse oneself in the net, the game, the final flush sprint, become a lot of contemporary university student’s portrayal.

Tip: don’t drag your stress to the end. Psychologists have found that dragging things to the end can be stressful and fraught with anxiety, anxiety and guilt.



In August 2005, the famous sketch and film actor, gao xiumin, died at the age of 46; In June 2007, famous crosstalk artist hou yaowen died of a heart attack at the age of 59.

Risk factors: a survey has revealed that about a third of the stars in front of the halo are tired. Many entertainers rely on drugs to make sure they sleep, and lament that “they work every day.”

Suggestion: work and work together plan. Cardiovascular diseases are mainly caused by excessive work stress, overwork, irregular life and diet.



In 1998, the 29-year-old women’s 100-meter world record holder, Griffith georgina, died in her sleep. In February 2004, the 34-year-old tour DE France winner of the tour DE France, pantone, died suddenly.

Risk factor: a study says a young athlete dies of a latent heart attack every three days in the United States. “Faster, higher, stronger”, the overload movement causes myocardial ischemia.

Suggestion: don’t be the first to be happy. The glory of the champion made everyone feel at ease. However, researchers in the United States and Canada found that the first place was the most stressful, while the third was the happiest, and life was happier and easier.

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