Several Chinese oncologist’s cancer prevention tips.

Experts questioned

Wang changli, director of the lung cancer committee of tianjin cancer association and director of tianjin lung cancer center.

Tianjin medical university tumor hospital colorectal oncology department director kong mainland.

Liang han, director of the gastric oncology department at tianjin medical university oncology hospital.

Li qiang, vice President of cancer society of China and party secretary of tianjin medical university cancer hospital.

Zhang jin, deputy chair of the breast cancer professional committee of China cancer society and director of the breast tumor of tianjin medical university tumor hospital.


Editor’s note: the national cancer center has released the latest national cancer statistics, with lung cancer at the top of the list, followed by colorectal cancer, stomach cancer, liver cancer and breast cancer. No matter what cancer is, it’s actually controllable, and the life times has interviewed a number of leading oncologists to see how they fight cancer every day.

Anti – lung cancer, light decoration, away from all kinds of smoke.

Lung cancer ranks first in the national cancer incidence, with an annual incidence of about 781 000 cases, and the morbidity and mortality rates have been rising. Tianjin anti-cancer association, director of professional committee of the lung cancer, lung cancer, the director of the center of tianjin chang-li wang told “life times” : “smoking is lung cancer the first etiological factors, especially the small cell lung cancer, 99% are associated with smoking. I never smoke, and I often persuade people around me to stop smoking. People who smoke are not only susceptible to lung cancer, but also have a high degree of malignancy, treatment and poor prognosis.

In addition to smoking, the environment is also a major risk factor for lung cancer, but it is often overlooked. Many new patients with lung cancer do not have a habit of smoking, and wang believes it is likely to be related to the environment. This includes the general environment and small environment. In the general environment, the country has been working hard to clean up air pollution in recent years. The small family environment needs our own efforts. Mr. Wang said that the indoor air pollution from home renovations is often overlooked by the public. More than a decade ago, the board wall redecoration began to be popular, and the effect of decoration on lung cancer will take at least 10 years, so it is only beginning to appear today. It is recommended that you decorate and redecorate, which is good for your lung health. “My home is the simplest decoration, with a plaster cast.” “Said wang.

Chinese people’s eating habits are different from those in Europe and America. We are used to frying, frying and smoking. “A lot of non-smoking women have lung cancer, which has a lot to do with kitchen smoke,” wang said. The proposal is good kitchen ventilation, buy a good lampblack machine, in this respect do not be stingy, also try not to design open kitchen.”


Colorectal cancer ring, morning defecation.

Before being a colorectal oncologist, the breakfast in the mainland was a crisp oil bar. As a doctor, he eat Fried dough sticks frequency less and less, because: “high fat, low fibre diet is one of the risk factors for colorectal cancer, in order to health, I now only dare to eat a month one or two Fried dough sticks, you can’t resist the zongzi before buying a solution.”

In all cancers, colorectal cancer was more benign, with a 5-year survival rate of around 50%. However, colorectal cancer is a kind of “affluence disease”, as the living conditions are getting better and better, the incidence rate is also higher, which has to be prevented. Get into the habit of morning defecate can help prevent colon cancer, said mainland hole, he runs the bathroom every morning the first thing is, even to go abroad to have jet lag, the meeting is also continuing in the morning (Beijing time) using the toilet.

Now the home is a toilet, look upscale comfortable, in fact not as good as the original squat is good for the intestinal health. The human gut is like a curved hose, and when sitting, the tail of the colon is squeezed, making it more difficult to defecate. Squatting makes bowel angles smoother and easier to defecate. Now most people are sitting in their homes, but they can also put a small stool in front of the toilet, such as the feet on top of the toilet, the simulated squat. Bowel movement is smooth, the chance of bowel disease is small, advantageous to prevent colorectal cancer.


Prevent stomach cancer, eat raw garlic, three meals a time.

A large number of studies have confirmed that gastric cancer and eating habits are closely related. Linju county in shandong province is a high incidence area of gastric cancer in China. After the investigation, local residents are particularly fond of pickled food and have a heavy taste. “To prevent stomach cancer, start with eating,” said liang han, director of the stomach oncology department at tianjin medical university’s tumor hospital. I seldom eat preserved food, and salt is a big mouth.

Besides eating less salt, liang has a habit of eating raw garlic raw. It turns out that in another county, not far from the gauntlet county, where gastric cancer is high, the death rate for gastric cancer is only one-tenth of that in linqu county. According to the investigation, the residents of this county often eat garlic, and the annual garlic intake per capita is six times that of linqu county.

“Garlic contains allicin, which inhibits the growth of nitrate reduction bacteria in the stomach, thus reducing the incidence of gastric cancer,” said liang. I eat two or three cloves of garlic a day, and it’s a habit, because it doesn’t work very well, and it works. It is important to note that garlic is not heat-resistant, and it is best eaten raw, cooked or pickled.

Young people are now working overtime and eating late, which is a risk factor for stomach cancer. Liang said he has received about 20 percent of the patients under 40 who are diagnosed with stomach cancer. A study by the university of Tokyo found that 38.4% of patients with stomach cancer ate too late or did not have regular meals. The gastric mucosa cells are updated every 2 to 3 days, and are usually performed during the night. If eat too late, intestines and stomach do not have rest, gastric mucosa cannot repair in time, can develop gastric cancer in time. As the director of the department, liang was busy with his work, but even if he was busy, he would try to eat regularly and have a rest before 10 PM.


Prevent liver cancer to vaccinate, prevent second liver.

Liver cancer is the most Chinese cancer, with more than half of the world’s new liver cancer patients in China each year. Vice President of China association of cancer hospital, tianjin medical university party secretary li qiang said: “in our country, more than 90% of the patients with liver cancer is second liver virus is carried, to prevent hepatocellular carcinoma, hepatitis b is blocking success by 90%.”

The hepatitis b vaccine is the most effective and simple way to prevent liver cancer, li qiang said. “I have not only been vaccinated against hepatitis b, but also have regular physical examinations every year and take precautions.” Special advice after age 40 middle-aged men should be regular check-up every year especially, have more than 5 years history of hepatitis, cirrhosis and other high-risk groups, must be done regularly liver ultrasound, AFP detection, etc.

Now, people pursuit of beauty is higher and higher, a lot of people are carried out at a health condition is not standard beauty tattoo eyeline, tattoos have a operation, or in small clinic disinfection not strictly dental and acupuncture treatment, such person shall be 2 ~ 3 months after a second liver virus checks.


Prevent breast cancer, worry less and stay in shape.

Zhang jin, director of the breast cancer department at tianjin medical university’s tumor hospital, is a beautiful doctor with long hair and a good figure. Zhang jin said: “a dozen operations a day, from early busy to late, it is difficult to have special time to exercise. However, I will do more exercise, such as walking to work, climbing stairs and staying in shape.

Scientific research has found that a high-fat diet can change the endocrine environment of the body, strengthen or extend the stimulation of estrogen to the breast epithelial cells, and increase the risk of breast cancer. Nowadays, the westernization of lifestyle leads to changes in dietary structure and the increase of obesity rate, which is an important factor in the increase of breast cancer incidence. To prevent breast cancer, we need to stick to low-fat, low-sugar diet, avoid obesity, and insist on moderate exercise.

Despite the busy work and the depressed face of the patient, zhang jin is in a good mood: “if I don’t have surgery, I will go to bed before 10:00 PM and simplify my work.” Be positive and open-minded. It is also a good way to prevent breast cancer.

Breast cancer is a “lucky cancer” in cancer. In the tumor hospital of tianjin medical university, the 5-year survival rate of early breast cancer patients can reach over 90%, which is comparable to that of European and American countries. There are two peaks in the incidence of breast cancer: between 45 and 50, and between 70 and 75. Women must keep an eye on the crucial 10 years of breast cancer screening and screening for breast cancer.

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