Mulberry leaf bubble water to delay senescence anti – flu.

Mulberry leaf is one of our common plants, the food of silkworm. Mulberry leaf also plays an important role in our daily life. It can be used for eating and drinking water. Since ancient times, traditional Chinese medicine has used mulberry leaf as a treatment for the treatment of dipsia (the equivalent of diabetes in modern medicine). The compendium of materia medica records that mulberry leaf “can quench and quench the thirst”; “Moxibustion and decoction”.

Researchers in recent years, the composition, function and mechanism of mulberry leaves, the research of the system is found in the mulberry leaves are rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, food and a variety of physiological active substances, have fall blood sugar, blood pressure, fall hematic fat, anti-aging, and other health care efficacy.


How does mulberry leaf bubble water drink good effect?

1. Can choose 30 grams of dry mulberry leaf to soak water, once a day, also can be cooked with pear skin, almond, boil into soup as tea, can prevent autumn dryness cold, and can keep health.

2, in view of the heat injury of lung caused by sore throat, cough, sputum and other pulmonary disease, and all kinds of patients with acute or chronic sore throat and bronchitis are available with mulberry leaves dwarf lilyturf (2:1), bubble tea drinking water generation, curative effect is remarkable.

3. Chinese wolfberry tea, 30 grams of fresh wolfberry seedlings, 30 grams of fresh plantgrass, 60 grams of fresh mulberry leaves, and a right amount of water for decoction. Have diuretic, clear heat effect.

4. The mulberry leaves chrysanthemum hawthorn tea, put all the ingredients together in the cup, and then use boiling water to brew four times, each time control in 15 minutes or so, then replace the tea drinking. Efficacy: it is recommended that you take some of this tea every day to prevent and treat high blood pressure, cholesterol and atherosclerosis.


What circumstances do not drink mulberry leaf bubble water?

Although mulberry leaf tea has many benefits to the body, can treat the situation such as fire, stomach ache and insomnia, but is not suitable to eat more. Have well documented in compendium of materia medica, mulberry leaf tea too much, if you are on, so can lead to JingXie damage in the body, spleen and stomach also can become cold at the same time, so for a long time can make the constitution worse and worse, and even suffer from disease, looks worse and worse, spirit also can become weak. Therefore, it is important to take proper care of the mulberry leaf in daily life.

In addition to the damage to the spleen and stomach described above, it is easy to cause a worsening of facial expression, even loss of appetite and nausea. It can also cause the body to become thirsty; If it is an overdose of mulberry leaf tea, the tea will pass directly through our kidneys, which is very bad for the kidneys.

The mulberry leaf is cold, also has the function of hemostasis, this has certain obstructive effect to menstruation, even may cause the serious consequence that menstruation stops. Therefore, it is recommended that women should not take mulberry leaves during menstruation, or drink mulberry leaves to drink, otherwise it could lead to very serious consequences.

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