Menstruation only two or three days, normal?

Menstruation, can be said to be a friend of the female friends, come, all kinds of inconveniences, not to come, and worried about illness. Most of the time, menstruation is a barometer for women. Among them, in addition to the arrival of the menstrual period, there is the number of menstrual volume, but how much to calculate less, it is still a gray area. Menstruation is always only two or three days, feeling quantity is still very little, is oneself abnormal?


What kind of menstruation is normal?

The endometrium is thickened by estrogen from the ovary, preparing for the possibility of fertilization. In this case, if the egg is fertilized, the fertilized egg passes through the fallopian tube to develop into the uterus; if not, about 14 days after ovulation. The endometrium will begin to fall off (after all, it’s not going to work. The component of menstruation is the deciduous endometrium. The cycle of menstruation is 21 to 35 days commonly, menstrual period is 2 to 8 days commonly, the specific time of cycle and menstrual period is different from person, if oneself menstrual cycle and menstrual period is basically stable, body is healthy, belong to normal generally.Menstruation is only two or three days in the normal range, the need to pay attention to sudden changes, such as before are six or seven days, suddenly into two or three days, so that the need to pay attention.

How to judge whether menstruation is too little?

Generally speaking, menstrual volume in 20~80mL is normal, less than 20mL can be called menstrual volume is too little, but a menstrual period that is 2 days 8 days, can generally reach 20, 80 mL, this does not count menstruation too little. If menstrual period lasts 2 days, used five or six sanitary napkins, this just says menstrual quantity is less than other person, but cannot calculate “menstruation is too little”, menstruation has individual difference.

But if something happens, such as:

1. Just for two days, use only three or four sanitary napkins. Each piece is only a little wet.

2, a day does not need to change, to procrastinate to have a 7 or 8 days

The likelihood that menstruation is too little is bigger then.


Menstruation is too little is how to return a responsibility?

1, excessive dieting, women menstruation and body weight and body fat content, diet may cause excessive weight loss of menstrual blood;

2, endocrine disorders, long-term stay up late, too much stress, mood depression and other endocrine disorders may lead to menstruation is too little.

3. Abortion, a small number of women after induced abortion appeared after menstrual extension, cycle length, amenorrhea and other phenomena, generally 2-3 months after the recovery of normal;

4. The ovarian function declines, the ovarian function affects the female menstruation directly, promotes ovulation, strengthens the ovary function may treat the female menstruation to be too few;

5, some gynecological diseases: some gynecological diseases caused by endometrial damage, damage to part or all of the endometrium can lead to menstrual volume or even amenorrhea.

6, the disease of the chest, feel breast bilge painful before menstrual period, but menstrual quantity is small, this kind of circumstance may be liver depression Qi stagnation type, need to carry on soothing liver to regulate Qi to adjust menstruation.


Generally excluding the reason of living habits, the reason of age distribution of menstruation is as follows:

1520 years old, with polycystic ovary syndrome as the main manifestation.

21 to 35 years old, patients with intrauterine adhesion as the main manifestation.

36 to 40 years old, with premature ovarian failure as the main manifestation

What harm does menstruation too little have?

Too little menstruation is a symptom, not harmful, but indicates that the body may have some kind of disease. Too little menstrual volume, no matter what the cause, may have an impact on the reproductive function of women, such as intrauterine adhesions, inflammation, tuberculosis caused endometrial damage, may affect embryo implantation, can not normal pregnancy; Poor systemic conditions, such as nutritional status, may lead to failure to ovate normally or to maintain pregnancy. How should menstruation too little do? If menstrual quantity and oneself before compare, had obvious change, if become more or become less, want to cause attention, do not carry on food complement first, go to regular hospital in time to see a doctor, find the cause of disease, look for countermeasure again.

In addition to treatment, in daily life, some measures can also reduce the occurrence of too little menstrual volume.

1. Avoid unnecessary intrauterine operations.

For example, abortion, contraceptive measures are responsible for themselves. Need to place or remove IUD must choose a regular and reliable hospital.

2. Pay attention to private hygiene.

Menstrual period to avoid sharing, avoid dirty sexual life; usually cleaning vulva with warm water, do not need to be specially washed with lotion; underwear often soaking water disinfection, drying in the sun.

3. Maintain a good state of mind and body.

Not picky food not partial eating, not excessive fatigue, less stay up late, less overnight, life attention to stress and relaxation.

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