Lycium barbarum is a treasure, when the best time to eat wolfberry

Nowadays, many people pay great attention to the matter of preserving their health. When they are free, several people gather together to chat and drink tea. Some people like to drink scented tea, some people like to drink green tea, and others have a special love for Chinese wolfberry tea. Do you know when it’s best to eat medlar? Do you know how much wolfberry can eat a day?


One: when eat Lycium barbarum best?

1. If the feeling of rejuvenation is daily, the feeling of fatigue is reduced.
2, the bright eye feeling is on the computer time long eye is not tired.
3. The characteristic of good liver is that the quantity of alcohol is long, the function of liver is restored, and many liver diseases will be alleviated.
4, when the average person’s body begins to heat, what follows is the person’s hands and feet begin to become warm slowly, eats the wolfberry to those regular hands and feet cold person is very helpful.


 why say eat a few Chinese wolfberry every day can slow the symptom of gout?

1. Want to better treat gout, first of all to do a good kidney, liver protection start, and eating Lycium barbarum can be a lot of kidney, liver, so can eat two wolfberry is very good.
2. Eating a large amount of Lycium barbarum to treat gout changed the thinking of treating gout, but also brought great changes to the concept of traditional Chinese medicine.
3, people always eat wolfberry too little, many effects can not be reflected, if eat less wolfberry, that is only a kind of health care, only to eat more to feel the efficacy of wolfberry.

Methods of eating Lycium barbarum:

1. Gout patients eat two pieces of wolfberry every day, 50-80 tablets each time, one time each morning and evening, in the evening had better sleep.
2, normal people eat once a day, 50-80 tablets each time, eat before bedtime.
3, the amount of food to not fire for the principle, age mostly eat, age little eat.
4, water bubble or dry chewing can be eaten, do not cook eat.
5. People should start eating wolfberry after forty years. As long as they can guarantee to eat some wolfberry every day, human disease will be greatly reduced, which is the secret why eating medlar can live long.

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