Longevity people all have common characteristics, to see if you have

Longevity is a topic that many people are concerned about now, and some people have spent a lot of money on it, but the effect is to believe that everyone knows it. Studies have shown that people over the age of 100 have a common genetic mutation. In real life, we will also find that people who live longer have some common characteristics, such as the following:


One, the slower the heart rate, the longer the person lives:

the heart rate will have a normal range, and in this range the heart rate will be slower and the corresponding life will be longer. This is because our heart is like a pump, which is a little slower in the normal range, and the body’s basal metabolic rate is relatively low, and the heart function is better. Conversely, those with a faster resting heart rate increased the risk of cardiovascular disease and increased mortality.

Two,People who are not overweight live longer:

in middle age, a lot of people tend to get fat. Obesity is often a major factor in the development of hypertension, heart disease, diabetes and other diseases. People who are in the normal range also tend to reduce their risk, and those who are obese tend to be healthier and live longer.

Three drainage, urine is clear and energetic people live longer:

under the condition of enough moisture in the body, the body will urinate a few times a day, and with pale yellow urine, turbidity, color dark or too yellow, that means your body is very healthy, especially in the kidney. And if the urine is completely colorless and has some strange odor, such as sweetness, it should be noticed.

Four, regular bowel movements of people a day longer life:

if you daily bowel movements, regularly and feces has not with blood, and not too loose and will not be too hard, can put the trash in the body quickly and effectively eduction body outside, you are enough fiber in their diet, digestive system and in good condition, intestinal digestion peristaltic sound. The good nature of nutrition is also longer.

Five, the sleep quality is good, the night up fewer people live longer:

in the era of the pace of life is so fast, after a busy day we need plenty of sleep to relieve the fatigue of the body, stability of circulating in the body, if you are more than the number of times at night, you sleep very shallow, sleep quality is bad. And we only have to achieve deep sleep, the recovery speed of the body will be accelerated, to better eliminate the fatigue and discomfort of the day, so people with good quality of sleep tend to live longer.

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