How to prevent nail infection?

When Lao li retired from home, he began to look after his little grandson. But recently, Lao li’s fingernails began to sag, thickened, even blackened, to the hospital a check, originally got the gray fingernail, Lao li is very worried, got the gray fingernail still can take a baby?


Gray nails, also known as tinea, have a prevalence rate of 3%, and the prevalence of toenails is four times higher than that of fingernails, which is caused by the invasion of the deck and tissues by fungi such as dermatophytes. Gray nails are infectious, and if not treated in time, they will not only infect more nails, but also become a disease that can be transmitted to other people.

There are a lot of people who get grey nails. 1. People with low immunity, such as old people and pregnant women. 2. People who often wear high heels or shoes without shoes can damage their toenails because of prolonged compression. The blood circulation of the toes is poor, leading to the occurrence of tinea. Nail or manicure can cause damage to the fingers, making it vulnerable and giving the fungus a chance. The repeated use of manicure tools is a medium for fungi. 4. Housewives, cooks and other people who work or contact with chemical substances in humid environment are weak on deck and vulnerable to tinea.

The old man can bring the child under the precondition of standard treatment, but pay attention to: 1. When handling food and touching children, wash hands and wear a pair of gloves to avoid contaminating food and infecting children. 2. The articles should be used separately, and the shoes and socks should be cleaned separately and exposed to the sun for 2 to 3 hours on a regular basis for the purpose of sterilization. 3. Take drugs or laser treatment for pathogens in regular hospitals. 4. In addition to the gray nails, fungal diseases in other parts of the body should also be treated, or they will cause a recurrence of the grey nails.

In addition, people with grey nails should change their shoes frequently, keeping shoes and socks dry, and the environment in moist shoes will make the fungus easy to breed. Trim your nails regularly to avoid longer than your fingertips; Wear appropriate footwear to avoid pressing your nails; Do not polish an infected nail.

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