How girls take care of their bodies and skin.

As a girl, it should be a very beautiful thing, because girls can wear beautiful skirts, beautiful hair, can dress up very beautiful. Of course, the premise is that girls should be healthy in order to achieve the above mentioned. Without health, everything is in vain, therefore, women should love themselves, should do a good job of physical care every day.


How girls take care of themselves every day.

1. Don’t touch cold food.

Soon the temperature began to rise, and the season of sweating heat was coming. At that time I believe that many girls began to eat cold food crazily, in order to enjoy a cool, but damaged their own body, it is not worth ah. The reason for this is that after cold food is eaten into the stomach, many organs in the body are easily instantly eroded by the cold in the cold food. If the internal organs are stimulated for a long time, the renewal of the body will become chaotic.

You know, when you get older, your body changes a little bit, and if you eat cold food every day, girls tend to build up fat and make them look fat.

2. Get into the habit of taking a bath.

For girls, taking a bath is a comfortable and healthy thing. Girls are advised to develop baths as a habit, because baths can help the body consume some of its energy and speed up the body’s renewal. In addition, it can relax the body and help girls to sleep better. In this way, not only can help girls lose weight, but also can be good for the skin.

Of course, when taking a bath, girls are advised to use a slightly lower temperature of water (that is, warm water), so that the better foot. When the whole person lies in the bathtub, first a while, after feeling a little bit cold, then add some hot water in, of course, slowly add, once added too much may burn the skin.

3. Supplementary nutrients.

Girls will not always remain young, and with age, the body will gradually lose nutrients, to this small warning, girls should timely supplement nutrients, so that the body has enough nourishment. For example, when tired, remember to supplement some vitamin B; for example, the eyes are not good, remember to supplement some yellow leaf; for example, after the age of 25, collagen should be added in moderation.

In a word, the body needs nourishment, girls should know how to nourish their own body, so that the body is always alive and active.


What girls shouldn’t do all day long.

1. Stay up late.

This is something that many girls do every day. It seems that it is not complicated, but it does great harm to the body. Because staying up late will cause the body to lose a lot of sleep time, the body that does not have enough sleep is often overrun. In this way, the loss of the body will be very large, if there is no supplement at the moment, the loss of the body will not be able to recover all of a sudden. Over time, the body will naturally collapse.

2. Diet.

Girls want to be slimmer, but it’s not always good to lose weight in a healthy way. For example, dieting is not good for your health, women should stay away from it. Because doing so causes the body to fail to eat enough food, which in turn leaves the body with insufficient nutrients to nourish itself.

In this case, the functioning and renewal of the body will have problems, leading to the disease to find your body, so that you suffer from a variety of diseases yo.

3. Drink strong tea.

Drinking tea is a good habit, but drinking tea is also fastidious. For example, girls had better not drink strong tea, otherwise, not only will lead to sleep problems, but also because the strong tea contains a lot of theophylline, drink more easily stomach ulcers and other diseases. In this way, originally a good habit of health, but into a bad habit of injury.

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  1. Alice says:

    I would like to add that girls during menstruation can not drink black tea and black tea!

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