How do people with low EQ improve EQ?

I think the general EQ person is because the experience is relatively rich, but how to make the person who does not have a lot of relevant experience to improve EQ?


1. Don’t be full of negative energy every day:

don’t be angry, sad, and inferiority complex every day, even if you do, don’t say it. Your actions are nothing more than a loss of value to gain comfort from others.

2. Smile + politeness:

keep smiling. If you are used to the bitter face, practice more in the mirror. To be friendly to express brother, sweep the floor ah aunt, in fact, not only ah aunts will be happy, you will see the people around you, let others have a good impression of you is a good way to prevent being hurt.

3. Don’t argue unnecessarily:

if you’re debating a proposition with a like-minded person, that’s fine, but don’t argue fearlessly, such as trying to convince someone who has three wrong views that there’s nothing to discuss about different values.

4. Be modest:

learn to be courteous, speak as inflexibly as possible, and better not use an absolute tone of voice casually. Some people say that if you use words such as “I think” and “personal opinion”, it will make you look insecure and personally not. Franklin, as an elder, taught me that.

5. Keep secrets:

too big a mouth, including your own and your friends’, is the beginning of a disaster. Don’t try to please others with secrets. Even to your closest friends, you should be prepared to be public.

6. Pay attention to vocabulary:

the same sentence, different words must have different effects, consider your words, this is a lifelong learning skills.

7. Protect others:

if you don’t want to hurt yourself, consider others’ feelings and don’t hurt them. After all, some people are really vulnerable, love them well.

8. Don’t speak ill of someone else:

if you feel someone’s character is wrong, please leave voluntarily, don’t follow him directly, poke him in the back, oh, if you do, pay attention to the person you’re talking about, and he may look down on you too.

9. See the darkness of the world:

you are not so important, you are not so important. A lot of socializing is actually polite, they don’t care about your life, so don’t lose heart if you don’t think you’re being valued. Loneliness is the norm.



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