Four things left young women with stomach cancer.

“Stomach discomfort” may be one of the most common words now, especially among office workers. Gastric cancer is the most common digestive tract tumor, and the incidence is also high year by year.


Four things left young women with stomach cancer.

1. Smoking and drinking.

Smoking and drinking are also to be vigilant and not to say that people drink only liver cancer high-risk groups, or smoking is lung cancer high-risk groups, smoking, drinking and a lot of the occurrence of tumor is closely related to, including cancer of the stomach.

2. Eating habits.

If you like to eat a high salt diet, pickled food, especially food that is not pickled, the content of nitrite is high, which is a clear carcinogen. And some poor eating habits, such as long-term like to eat hot, stomach irritating larger food, eat the food of mildew, contaminated food, including water pollution, such as industrial pollution, pesticide pollution, can cause chronic digestive system damage, and in the process of repair may mutate, produce tumors.

3. Inheritance.

If someone had a tumor in family 2-3 generation, especially in the digestive system tumors, including gastric cancer, esophageal cancer, biliary system cancer, intestinal cancer, etc., the offspring of the future may be much higher than normal risk of developing cancer of the stomach. If the family has more than two people who have stomach cancer, the risk is dozens of times higher for other people.

4. Chronic digestive diseases.

People with atypical hyperplasia or intestinal metaplasia, such as ulcers and chronic atrophic gastritis, are also significantly more likely to develop stomach cancer. If the helicobacter pylori infection is combined on this basis, the risk is greater.

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