Dermatologist’s skin care 4! Perfect for the season.

Spring skin is very sensitive, if do not pay attention to protect and maintain, easy to appear allergy problem, if occurrence is dry, reddened, desquamate and so on. How to skin care, listen to dermatologist have what tall move.


Moisturize moderately

Chen tongyun, a famous dermatologist and director of the dermatology department of Beijing hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, said that the main function of skin is not absorption, but shielding. It is well known that after washing your face, the moisture in your face will take away the moisture of your skin. However, the following two points should be paid attention to: moisturizing should be divided into different types. After cleansing, you should use lotion or face cream to moisturize and moisturize, dry skin should be moisturized, and oily skin will choose refreshing. Face cream do not wipe too much, the barrier of skin, not use the skin care product more complex to absorb more, less daub some, on the contrary to protect wet more beneficial.

In daily life, eat red jujube, sesame, honey, tremella, sea cucumber, hamstring, lotus seed, oyster and so on.

More not long acne

Hangzhou hospital dermatological department chief physician WuChengLin: general long blain blain of people have a common, is to eat fast food, sleep late in the evening, pressure big, such easy to cause the endocrine disorder, taste hot and humid, the pan in the face. When the body is active during the day, the androgen in the body increases, but the liver lowers the testosterone level after falling asleep at night. If stay up late, body hormone is disordered, blain blain is not good, still easy to form scar, pigmentation. Go to bed before 11pm every day, the chance of blain blain is naturally much less.

Besides, drinking water is the easiest way to moisturize your skin! Drinking water helps clear your intestines and helps flush toxins out of your body. After staying up late, you should add more protein food and use more moisturizing spray.


Protect yourself from the sun

Wang baoxi, director of dermatology at the Chinese academy of medical sciences plastic surgery hospital: to get your skin to age more slowly, the secret is to avoid sunscreen. Aging is the most important cause of skin aging. Not only does the sun get darker, it also speeds up the loss of moisture and aging skin, aggravates freckles, and can cause wrinkles. If you have less outdoor activities, you usually stay indoors and wear sunscreen every day in the summer. If you have more outdoor activities, it is better to wear sunscreen all the year round. In general, you should choose SPF20~30 and apply it every 2 hours. If you want to go to the beach to choose SPF50 or more, you’d better wear a hat, sunglasses, etc.

Washing your face is very important

Dong zhengbang, a dermatologist at the university hospital of southeast university, is careful to wash his face and exfoliate. First choose water: dry skin can choose cleanser gel, cold water, warm water all can; Oily skin can choose deep cleanser cleanser, generally add a small amount of salicylic acid composition, can gently exfoliate exfoliate; The mixed skin focuses on the oil t-zone, with a small amount of facial cleanser on both cheeks.

Second to use less soap: do not use sulfur soap, soap, cleansing had better choose neutral or weak acid cleanser, because our cuticle and grease on the surface of the skin in weak acid, alkali cleanser can damage the skin’s natural barrier. Finally exfoliate: many people think skin can absorb nutrients better after exfoliating.

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